Why do some people dislike Melania Trump

The alienation of the first lady : Melania Trump: The silent radical

The voice low, the smile set, the Eastern European accent strong, the eyes twitch a little in the thunderstorm of flashlights. She reads her speech, as always slowly and with concentration. When Melania Trump, America's First Lady, performs, nothing is spontaneous, random, never. That gives weight to her words.

If one day the story of the presidency of Donald Trump will be written, wrote the "New York Times" columnist Frank Bruni on Tuesday last week, August 20, 2018 may be noted as "Melania Monday". The day on which the silent rebel became an open opponent of her husband. “She is finding smarter ways to show her contempt for him. And it's a perfect liaison of patriotism and revenge for all the humiliations he inflicted on her. ”What happened?

A conference in the city of Rockville, Maryland. It's about "cyberbullying", the bullying in social media, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It is the topic with which Melania Trump has wanted to score for a long time, which is supposed to give her unofficial office as first lady profile. To this end, she started the “Be Best” campaign, an initiative that aims to teach children and young people how to remain decent when communicating in social networks. Social media "can be used in many good ways," says the 48-year-old in a room at the Ministry of Health. "But they can also cause harm if they are used incorrectly."

She doesn't mention a word about her husband. But it doesn't have to be in order to be understood. "Let's face it, most kids are more aware of the pitfalls of social media than some adults." That's hers, too.

"I only have one goal: to help children"

"I know very well that people are suspicious of me when I talk about this topic," said Melania Trump in March at a similar conference. “But that won't stop me from doing what I know is right. I have only one goal: to help children and our next generation. "

Just one goal? It is precisely in those social media from which the “Flotus”, First Lady of the United States, wants to ban bullying, that her “Be Best” initiative earns scorn and ridicule. “Dear First Lady, I hope you realize that you are married to the epitome of the cyberbully. Your work starts at home. Immediately, “wrote a follower on Twitter.

Indeed, if there's one thing that marks Donald Trump's presidency, it's his tweets. Sometimes moody, sometimes aggressive, often hurtful. Since declaring his candidacy for office, Trump has directly attacked at least 487 people, companies or institutions, American media counted. He insults them as "small", "disgusting", "mean". On the same day that his wife warns of the destructive consequences of bullying on social networks, the president sends a few tweets into orbit: The work of special investigator Robert Mueller to solve the Russia affair is a "national disgrace", the ex- He calls the head of the CIA, John Brennan, the "worst CIA chief in the history of our country". That Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not fire a critical employee is "a joke".

He storms up the stairs, ignoring her

Rumors circulate of a couple's crisis and possible divorce. Laura and George W. Bush, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Michelle and Barack Obama - despite some differences, they also publicly hearted and caressed each other. The trumps are completely different. The scene at the inauguration, the farewell visit to the Obamas, is already legendary. The limousine stops, the car door is opened, Trump storms out, runs up the stairs. He ignores Melania, doesn't help her out of the car, lets her run after them at a great distance.

She doesn't move into the White House until six months later. With ten employees, your staff in the East Wing is not even half the size of that of Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton or Laura Bush. When it comes to clothing and furniture, the former model prefers clear, simple shapes. She chooses the right furniture. But her husband, with his penchant for the bombastic, exchanges the pieces for others in her absence. She has her own bedroom in the White House, and when traveling they move into separate suites. On the Internet, observers are even collecting evidence that Melania occasionally allows herself to be represented by a doppelganger on official occasions. You want to have identified visual differences and inconsistencies.

Then the scene on her visit to Israel in May. After arriving at the airport, Donald wants to take her hand, Melania annoyed pushes it away. Or the President's first State of the Union address in January: Shortly before, Trump's affair with porn actress Stormy Daniels, which is said to have started after the birth of Donald and Melania's son Barron in March 2006, had become known. Another humiliation like Donald's pussy grabber slogans before ("If you are a star, you can do anything with women, you can just grab them between the legs"). Before her husband's speech, Melania demonstratively drives to the congress in her own car and does not participate in the standing applause when her husband praises the importance of the family in society. Even then, the “New York Times” predicted a “silent radicalization of the First Lady”.

On the outside, however, everything is fine. On Monday of this week, Melania Trump and descendants of US Presidents Eisenhower and Monroe planted an oak sapling in the garden of the White House, a very dutiful First Lady. His wife's “Be Best” campaign praises Donald Trump as “truly beautiful and heartfelt”. Again and again she protests how strong, smart and assertive her husband is. For every indication of growing alienation there is a counter-indication. Is Melania just being confident and doing her own thing? Her spokeswoman often emphasizes this.

Your own thing, of course, is very peculiar. After the Parkland massacre in the state of Florida, Melania Trump expresses admiration at the student movement calling for stricter gun laws, which her husband strictly rejects. In October she wants to visit Africa without her husband. “We are a global society, and I believe that we can learn from each other through open dialogue and the exchange of ideas.” That sounds very different from her husband's agitation about “shithole countries” and globalization in general.

When Donald Trump tweeted a few weeks ago about one of his prominent critics, basketball player LeBron James, accusing him of stupidity, Melania Trump published a personal statement praising James ’commitment to children. When Donald Trump freaked out aboard Air Force One because his wife was watching CNN instead of his favorite channel “Fox News”, Melania's staff said that the first lady watched programs “on any channel she wanted.” While Donald Trump Melania watches benevolently as the children of illegal immigrants are separated from their parents, drives Melania to children's reception centers in Texas and condemns the practice.

At the time, the provocative sentence "I really don’t care, do u?" Was written on her parka jacket - I really don’t care, do you? The meaning of this slogan has been puzzled for a long time. Who does she mean? The media, which often do not look good on her, call her slick and faceless? That was her husband's interpretation. Or her husband himself, who has no sympathy for the children of illegal immigrants? Your spokeswoman in the East Wing denies that the saying had any meaning at all.

No concept wants to stick to it

Melania Trump, the Sphinx, the mysterious, unconventional, aloof, withdrawn, rebellious. No concept wants to stick to it. She strangers to the role of first lady, flees the narrowness of the many clichés that are associated with it. As if there were: humble, diplomatic, compassionate, down-to-earth. She seems uncomfortable with her husband. On the other hand, their influence on him is said to be very great. Journalist Kate Andersen Brower has written a book on "First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies". With the exception of the Clintons, there has not been a presidential couple in recent US history that has been more complicated, she writes.

Stand by your man, stand by your husband's side, but that has always been the unifying maxim. Hillary Clinton stood by Bill despite the Lewinsky affair. Nancy Reagan ostentatiously adored her husband Ronald. Barbara and Laura Bush both slipped into the traditional role model, propagated reading and educational programs. Only Michelle Obama has distinguished herself from the eternally admiring rhetoric. Her husband is not perfect, she once said, "and I don't want the whole world to want him to be perfect".

Today's First Lady is born as Melania Knauss in a small town in Slovenia, the mother is a tailor, the father a car mechanic. Both are members of the Communist Party, despite being married in church, baptized Melania. The pretty daughter is already on the catwalk at the age of five. After graduating from school, she began studying architecture, but dropped out after a year due to poor performance. Various modeling jobs followed, in 1995 an agent brought her to New York, where she met billionaire Donald Trump at a party three years later. At the time he was still married to his second wife, the actress Marla Maples, but already lived separately from her.

The wedding dress cost $ 125,000 and the wedding ring cost $ 1.5 million

Melania Knauss and Donald Trump were married on January 22, 2005 in Palm Beach, Florida. Guests include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Muhammad Ali, Liza Minelli, Elton John, Luciano Pavarotti, Oprah Winfrey, Prince Charles, Henry Kissinger, Hillary and Bill Clinton. Christian Dior's wedding dress, set with 1,500 gemstones, costs $ 125,000 and the wedding ring costs $ 1.5 million.

During the election campaign, Donald Trump spreads the lie about Obama that he was not a real American and had forged birth documents. Melania Trump is the first first lady who was not born American and for whom English is a foreign language. In the election campaign, Donald Trump railed against the green card system of immigration. Melania Trump gives her parents a green card.

Melania Trump has more than ten million followers on Twitter, but she only follows four people: her husband, Vice President Mike Pence, his wife Karen and - Barack Obama. Is that also a sign of silent rebellion?

Maybe everything is completely different, more banal, more contradicting. Perhaps the wish of part of the American public for Melania to be Donald's corrective is primarily due to the longing for such a corrective. If Melania Trump is so reluctant to be with her husband, despises him so much, why hasn't she already been in the media? People may just fail to imagine two such different people as a happy couple. Still forges Melania and Donald more together than separates them.

Stilettos, bomber jackets - and a smile

The hatred of part of the media, for example. Two years ago the website www.melaniatrump.com was shut down, on which it was read that Melania Trump had completed a degree in design and architecture in Slovenia - fake news, revealed. In the same year, the existence of an illegitimate half-brother of Melania became public, which she had always denied. The journalist who wrote about it continues to receive death threats to this day. She provoked this reaction, explained Melania. Melania Trump is the first first lady to ever file a defamation lawsuit. Because an online magazine claimed she worked for an escort service.

In 2010, Melania presented a jewelry collection made from plagiarism of stepdaughter Ivanka's creations. In 2016, she gave a speech at her husband's nomination party conference that contained many passages from a speech by Michelle Obama from 2008. That too is Melania Trump: who goes to Texas in stilettos, bomber jacket and aviator sunglasses to smile at the victims of the flood disaster.

Melania and Donald Trump - maybe that's only partly the story of a pair of opposites whose differences are becoming more and more open. On the other hand, however, the story of a dazzling duo that gets along brilliantly despite all the differences.

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