How much do you really drink every day

How much water you should really drink a day!

One, two or more liters? How much water a day is really enough for the body? We took a closer look at that.

Water is vital. We need it so that our body can function properly.

But many of us don't drink enough.

Two liters per day is the rule of thumb. But everyone is different.

Isn't the fluid requirement different then?

You can find out in this post

How much water you should drink a day

How much water you should drink a day depends on a number of factors. Body weight, age, outside temperature and sporting activities are decisive for this.

A general guideline for a healthy adult is at least two liters of water a day.

If you do a lot of sport you need more fluids. Even on hot days or when you are ill, you should drink significantly more.

You lose a lot of fluid through sweating. You should make up for this loss.

Wow! This is what happens when you drink 3 liters of water a day!

But we don't just take in water through drinking. But also through the food. There are some foods that are high in water content.

A cucumber is 97% water. A tomato or lettuce has a water content of 95%. The watermelon contains 96% water.

Warning: These foods do not replace how much water you should drink each day. However, they are good for taking in additional fluids.

Like everyone who drinks too little, you may also know the problem: water is boring. Especially if it is without fruit juice, fruits or herbs.

It's a lot easier with a little taste. Every day you have the chance to discover delicious flavors. By the way, ginger is also very tasty and very healthy at the same time!

How to calculate your daily water needs

Are you unsure how much water a day is enough for you? No wonder. There are so many different rumors and assumptions floating around. It's easy to lose track of things.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic have calculated how much water you should really consume per day and developed a formula.

The daily water requirement depends, among other things, on age and weight. This is taken into account in the formula.

However, the result remains a guideline for our fluid intake.

Does drinking a lot help you lose weight?

To calculate how much water you should drink each day, you need to first multiply your weight by your age. Then you divide the result by 28.3. Then multiply the number that comes out here by 0.03. Now you know how much you should drink per day.

Or in other words:

[(Weight x age) /28.3] x 0.03

Here is a small example:

My friend Lea weighs 60 kg and is 27 years old.

60 x 27 = 1620. I divide this number by 28.3.

1620 /28,3 = 57,24

57.24 x 0.03 = 1.7 liters

Lea would have to drink at least 1.7 liters of water a day to meet her needs.

Provided she does not do any sport, does not sweat and is not ill.

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How much water is not enough per day

Without water, your body cannot function optimally and be supplied with important nutrients.

If you drink too little, the deficiency will be noticeable through limitations in physical and mental performance.

Older people and children in particular are often affected. At work, too, it can happen that you forget to drink.

Warning: this happens if you drink too little!

Our body quickly notices how much water we consume each day. If he does not get enough fluid, it can lead to poor concentration, headaches, tiredness, joint pain, dry skin and dizziness. In the worst case, the cycle also fails.

The lack of fluid is also noticeable in the intestines. This is why constipation is also a possible body signal.

If you stop drinking for a day or two, the body will stop producing urine. You will find it difficult to swallow and you will feel sick. The blood circulation is disturbed. This makes the skin pale and the body loses its warmth.

After three to five days without water, the kidneys are forcibly drained and the blood vessels constricted.

Kidney failure occurs, the body is poisoned and, due to the persistent thickening of the blood, cardiac arrest occurs.

15 reasons why you should drink enough

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How much water is too much a day

Even with water, we can have too much of a good thing. However, this is not often the case. It becomes dangerous if you drink more than a liter per hour.

Our kidneys cannot process so much fluid quickly enough. The water accumulates in the body.

Usually the excess is excreted. But that only works to a certain extent. If your body can no longer excrete the fluid, there is a risk of water poisoning.

As a healthy adult, however, you would have to drink seven to ten liters of water for this.

If the water intake is too high, symptoms such as breathing difficulties, nausea, water retention in the tissue, cramps, confusion, fainting and loss of consciousness occur.

Breathlessness is usually one of the first signs that you have consumed too much water. The water is stored in the lungs.

You don't have to drink half a liter of water every half hour. Instead, take small sips throughout the day.

For a little variety and a good taste, you can add fruit or tea to your water. Orange and mint in the water tastes great.

So that the taste is retained for a long time and the tea leaves do not float loosely in the water, you should get a pitcher with a built-in strainer.

Fruit, vegetables and herbs stay where they should be: in the jug and not in the drinking glass.

Our conclusion

You can use the forms to calculate how much water you should drink a day. But be careful: it is only a guideline!

Anyone who does sports, sweats a lot, is sick or is pregnant should pay particular attention to adequate water intake.

Our bodies cannot function optimally without water. Headache, dizziness, tiredness, and poor concentration can all be signs that you are not drinking enough.

Therefore, always make sure that you drink enough.