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Sport and left-handedness

Handedness also plays an important role in sport. Not only the surprise effect that the opponent is playing with the unfamiliar left hand has a positive effect here, for example, in tennis, fencing and boxing, but also the better spatial processing in their dominant right brain hemisphere, which is often noticeable in left-handers, helps them to better assess processes .

Feet, which is related to handedness, determines the processes, e.g. in football, long and high jump and in figure skating.

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Known left-handers in sports

Many of the athletes listed below went to school at a time when it was still relatively common to retrain left-handed people to write with their right hand. In sport, however, their actual handedness or feet often prevailed.

Although many athletes write right-wing because they have been retrained to write, they are left-handed by nature.

In contrast, some football players are deliberately taught to shoot left-footed, e.g. Lothar Matthäus. However, this is not recommended for children. Experience shows that their performance often drops after such a training and that they relegate to lower classes as a result.

Left-handed athletes and their writing hand are listed in the following sports: billiards, boxing, darts, soccer, golf, handball, athletics, shooting sports, swimming, tennis, table tennis



Mark AllenCLOSELYWriting hand on the right
Andy BorgCLOSELYWriting hand unknown
Chang BingyuCHNWriting hand unknown
Kacper FilipiakPOLEWriting hand unknown
Gerald GreeneCLOSELYWriting hand unknown
Barry HawkinsCLOSELYWriting hand on the right, right-handed, but playing with the cue with the left
Andy HicksCLOSELYWriting hand unknown
Luo HonghaoCHIWriting hand unknown
Mark KingCLOSELYWriting hand on the left
Bai LangningCHNWriting hand unknown
Oliver LinesCLOSELYWriting hand unknown
Jack LisowskiCLOSELYWriting hand on the left
Sean MaddocksCLOSELYWriting hand unknown
Ian McCullochCLOSELYWriting hand unknown
Martin O'DonnellCLOSELYWriting hand unknown
Fraser PatrickCLOSELYWriting hand unknown
Neil RobertssonOUTWriting hand on the left
Elliot SlessiorCLOSELYWriting skills unknown
Akani SongsermawadTHAWriting hand unknown
Zak SuretyCLOSELYWriting hand unknown
Judd TrumpCLOSELYWriting hand on the right, right-handed, but playing with the cue with the left
Thepchaiya Un-NoohTHAWriting hand unknown
Daniel WellsCLOSELYWriting hand unknown
Liang WenboCHNWriting hand unknown
Jimmy WhiteCLOSELYWriting hand on the left
Mark WilliamsCLOSELYWriting hand on the left
Robbie WilliamsCLOSELYWriting hand unknown
Zhao XintongCHNWriting hand unknown

Boxes (southpaw):

Lothar eveningFRGWriting hand unknown
Muhammed AliUnited StatesWriting hand unknown
Tim BradleyPHIWriting hand unknown
Ruslan ChagayevUSBWriting hand unknown
Willy HoepnerFRGWriting hand unknown
Peter HussingFRGWriting hand unknown
Jake LaMottaUnited StatesWriting hand unknown
Henry maskFRGwrites right
Thorsten MayFRGWriting hand unknown
Karl MildenbergerFRGWriting hand unknown
Max MoorerUnited StatesWriting hand unknown
Francesco PianetaFRGWriting hand unknown
Willy QuastorFRGWriting hand unknown
Max ReschFRGWriting hand unknown
Graciano RocchigianiFRGWriting habits unknown
Corrie SandresRSAWriting hand unknown On March 8, 2003, Sanders won the title of world champion against Wladimir Klitschko "with his left hand". The latter underestimated Sanders in advance, but probably contributed to the first strong blow to the chin, from which Klitschko no longer recovered, also the fact that the southpaw Sanders, already with the first blow.
Bubi ScholzFRGWriting hand unknown
Peter WeilandFRGWriting hand unknown


Raymond van BarneveldNEDRaymond van Barneveld writes with his left hand, but throws his darts with his right hand!
Ron MeulenkampNEDWriting hand unknown
Ryan MeikleCLOSELYWriting hand unknown
James WadeCLOSELYWriting hand unknown
Mark WebbsterCLOSELYWriting hand unknown


Ice hockey (hold the stick with your left hand):

Sven FelskiFRGWriting hand unknown
Joe SakicCANWriting hand unknown



Leonie EbertFRGWriting hand unknown
Benjamin KleibrinkFRGWriting hand on the left
Sheng LinCHIWriting hand unknown
Benjamin SteffenSUIWriting hand unknown
Paul VeltrupFRGWriting hand unknown


Soccer (shooteat mainly with the left foot):

AiltonBRAWriting hand on the right
Jörg AlbertzFRGWriting hand unknown
Juan ArangoVENWriting hand on the right
Krassimir BalakovBULWriting hand unknown
Sergei BarbarezBOSWriting hand unknown
Fabian BarthezFRAWriting hand on the right
Uwe BeinFRGWriting hand unknown
Stefan BeinlichFRGWriting hand unknown
Manfred BenderFRGWriting hand unknown
Jörg BöhmeFRGWriting hand unknown
Mike BüskensFRGWriting hand unknown
Rodolfo CardosoARGWriting hand unknown
Jose Luis ChilavertPARWriting hand unknown
Giovane ElberBRAWriting hand on the left
Lothar EmmerichFRGWriting hand unknown
Fabio GrossoITAWriting hand unknown
Gheorghe HagiROMEWriting hand on the right
Jörg HeinrichFRGWriting hand unknown
Horst HeldtFRGWriting hand unknown
Andreas HerzogAUTWriting hand unknown
Toni KroosFRGWriting hand on the left
Bixente LizarazuFRAWriting hand unknown
Joachim LöwFRGWriting hand on the left
Felix MagathFRGWriting hand on the right
Stefan MalzFRGWriting hand unknown
Diego MaradonaARGWriting hand on the right
Martin MaxFRGWriting hand on the right
Leonel MessiARGWriting hand on the right
Peter NowakPOLEWriting hand unknown
Mesut ÖzilFRGWriting hand on the left
Wolfgang OverathFRGWriting hand unknown
Gianluca PagliucaITAWriting hand unknown
Abedi PeléNIGWriting hand unknown
PeléBRAWriting hand on the right
Lukas PodolskiFRGWriting hand on the right
Franck RiberyFRAWriting hand on the left
Paolo RinkFRGWriting hand unknown
Arjen RobbenNEDWriting hand on the left
Sascha RoesslerFRGWriting hand on the left
Sejad SalihovicBOSWriting hand unknown
Michael TarnatFRGWriting hand unknown
Darius WoszFRGWriting hand unknown
Ze RobertoBRAWriting hand unknown
Christian goatFRGWriting hand unknown


Bob CharlesNZLWriting hand unknown
Steve FleschUnited StatesWriting hand unknown
Ben HoganUnited StatesWriting hand unknown, plays right!
Phil MickelsonUnited StatesWriting hand unknown, is right-handed, but has practiced golf with his left hand himself
Mac O'GradyUnited StatesWriting hand unknown
O'HernOUTWriting hand unknown
Frederico v. RumohrFRGWriting hand unknown
Harry ValerienFRGWriting hand on the right, has retrained to the left in golf
Uli ZilgFRGWriting hand on the right

Handball (throw with the left hand):

Janko BozovicAUTWriting hand unknown
Joachim DeckarmFRGWriting hand unknown
Uwe GensheimerFRGWriting hand unknown
Patrick GroetzkiFRGWriting hand unknown
Hans LindbergDANWriting hand unknown
Andrea LippFRGWriting hand unknown
Daniel PettersonSWEWriting hand unknown
Robert WeberAUTWriting hand unknown
Steffen WeinholdFRGWriting hand on the left
Yoon Kyung-ShinCORWriting hand unknown
Christian ZeitzFRGWriting hand unknown
Volker ZerbeFRGWriting hand on the left


Frank Busemann
FRGWriting hand unknown
Magnus KirtESTWriting hand unknown
Matthias de Zordo (javelin throwing)FRGWriting hand on the left

Shooting sport:

Hans RiedererFRGWriting hand unknown


Mark SpitzUnited StatesWriting hand on the left

Tennis (racket in left hand):

Hicham AraziMARWriting hand on the left
Thomas BellucciBRAWriting hand unknown
Karsten BraaschFRGWriting hand unknown
Jimmy ConnorsUnited StatesWriting hand on the left
Frederico DelbonisARGWriting hand unknown
Guy ForgetFRAWriting hand unknown
Andres GomezCOLWriting hand unknown
Goran IvanisevicCROWriting hand on the left
Jana KandarrFRGWrite hand on the right, also play on the right!
Martin KlizanSLKWriting hand unknown
Petr KordaCZEWriting hand unknown
Petra KvitovaCZEWriting hand on the left
Rod LaverOUTWriting hand on the left
Henri LeconteFRAWriting hand on the right, in the Arte broadcast of December 3, 2003 you could see that he was giving autographs with his left!
Feliciano LopezSPAWriting hand on the left
Ekaterina MakarovaRUSWriting hand on the left
Marino MannarinoFRAWriting hand unknown
John McEnroeUnited StatesWriting hand on the left
Fernando MeligeniBRAWriting hand unknown
Carlos MoyaSPAWrite left hand, play right!
Gilles MullerLUXWriting hand unknown
Thomas MusterAUTWrite hand on the right, paint on the left!
Rafael NadalSPAWriting hand on the right
Martina NavratilovaUnited StatesRight hand writing, retrained 1st class
Mariano PuertaARGWriting hand unknown
Albert RamosSPAWriting hand unknown
Marcello RiosCHIWriting hand on the left
Greg RusedskiCLOSELYWriting hand unknown
Lucie SafarovaCZEWriting hand on the left
Maria SchaparovaRUSWriting hand on the right
Patty SchnyderSUIWriting hand on the left
Monika SelesUnited StatesWriting hand on the left
Denis ShapovalovCANWriting hand on the left
Jan SiemerinkNEDWriting hand unknown
Carl-Uwe SteebFRGWriting hand on the right
Jeff TarangoUnited StatesWriting hand on the left
Markéta VondroušováCZEWriting hand unknown
Fernando VerdascoSPAWriting hand on the left
Jiri VeselyCZEWriting hand unknown
G. VilasARGWriting hand on the left
Alexander VolkovRUSWriting hand unknown
Mark WoodfordeOUTWriting hand unknown
Donald YoungUnited StatesWriting hand unknown

Table tennis (racket in the left hand):

Mickael ApplegrenSWEWriting hand unknown
Timo BollFRGWriting hand on the left
Ding NingCHIWriting hand unknown
Peter FranzFRGWriting hand unknown
Jörg RoßkopfFRGWriting hand on the left
Wang NanCHIWriting hand unknown
Torben WosikFRGWriting hand unknown
Xu XinCHIWriting hand unknown

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