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Strong light Bengal torch, white (Bengalo)

  • Ideally suited for signaling and effect displays in the dark as well as for technical purposes in the context of simulations.
  • 15000 candela luminosity in 60 seconds
  • extreme luminosity with strong smoke development
  • 38g set weight, 24mm caliber, 60s burning time
  • Pyrotechnics with CE approval and BAM certified

Blindingly bright Bengalo - freely available all year round and legally usable! * This strong light Bengal torch based on magnesium generates an extremely bright light in white for approx. 60s. The resulting strong smoke development gives the effect a special atmosphere. This new product is an absolute top product among Bengal items. Ideally suited for signaling, for illuminations in daylight or for daytime fireworks, for technical purposes in the context of simulations.
For outdoor use only! Smoke is harmful to health when inhaled. Football fans should please note that the use of Bengalos and other pyrotechnics in public facilities is usually prohibited or requires prior approval.
* Please note the legal Regulations for the use of pyrotechnics of category T1. Delivery and use only by people over the age of 18.

available immediately, express delivery possible
possible (without guarantee / express option)
Available all year round from 18 years
Category: T1 (freely available all year round from the age of 18 and can be used in accordance with statutory provisions)
Sales unit: 1 piece
Burn time: approx. 60 seconds
Diameter: 24mm
Length: 300mm
NEM: 38g
Weight: 130g
yes (for example with voucher code or customer discount)
1.4S, there are no further surcharges for the transport of dangerous goods.
€ 2.90 surcharge for legally prescribed dangerous goods packaging (not applicable from € 40 order value)

Ratings & Comments (29)

Tobias Springer02.12.2020 - 20:37
Delivery very quickly and reliably. Product is great. Will definitely order there again

Heubeck12.06.2020 - 17:55
Very cool. Simply brilliant. With great smoke development. Will be covering again for sure

Finn Nieland30.04.2020 - 20:33
Haven't tried it yet ... (There are no soccer games ...) No fun :) Delivery very reliable, looking forward to trying out the Bengalos

Justin07.01.2020 - 23:10
Very good absolute purchase recommendation Very nice burning time and absolutely top!

Maria FCSP07.01.2020 - 10:19
Good light output! A little expensive but good effect! Fast delivery!

Maria FCSP07.01.2020 - 10:19
Good light output! A little expensive but good effect! Fast delivery!

Reinhard Wilfinger03.01.2020 - 18:37
Recommendable. fast delivery. Good price and does what it says on the tin

Danny Klinger02.01.2020 - 20:41
Highly recommended, but burning time a little too short, but great smoke development.

Timo02.01.2020 - 20:36
The best color and light intensity. Bengalo can easily be held permanently in the hand.

Dominik Gussdorf05.12.2019 - 23:11
The color could be a little lighter, but otherwise I'm very satisfied.