What are the different types of copywriting

Content Writer vs. Copywriter - What's the Difference?

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A content writer and a copywriter are the same thing, right? Both write texts that are used in online and offline content, so are they just fancy names for what you actually know as an author?

The truth is: they are very different. Both act as a cornerstone for each other. Think of them as two different sides of the same coin: while there are similarities in both skills, there are clear differences.

From a traditional marketing perspective, the answer is quite simple ...

What is a content writer?

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Simply put, content writers write content. But doesn't there have to be more? Yes, content writers create a variety of different types of content using written words; usually longer texts or rich content, which is search engine optimized.

When content writers create content, they usually consider so-called keywords, meta or how 'liking' and sharing can enlarge the content. Content writers are also known for creating evergreen content, articles, blog posts, newspaper articles, magazine articles, whitepapers or other types of long-form content.

Content writers are naturally gifted journalists; editorial writing is firmly anchored in their area of ​​responsibility. They usually write content with higher word count and complex details - this authoritative content works better when shared online.

And how does that differ from a copywriter?


What is a copywriter?

A copywriter is very similar, they also write copy. Copywriters are usually used for advertising media, usually specializing in short texts such as advertising slogans, headlines or press advertisements.

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That's not to say that copywriters shouldn't have long copywriting in their repertoire. Looking more closely, we are observing a transformation from copywriters to web marketing authors, for example they are creating a significantly stronger online presence through advertisements. From time to time these will move on to content writers.

In marketing campaigns aimed at convincing one or more people to think or act similarly, copywriters are recognized for their creations and wordplay ideas. Most often this is done by telling short texts or stories, evoking memories and building a personal relationship with the audience; a humorous or cozy tone is also acquired - which is ideal for advertising slogans or headers. The fact is: brevity is essential for a copywriter.

It becomes clear that there is a crossover between the areas of responsibility.


How do content writers work and how do copywriters work?

It is arguable that both are the same. And clearly no job is easier than the other. However, there are definitely differences that seem to be overlooked. However, these can come in handy if you want to hire a copywriter for specific work.

Nowadays it is crucial to be well versed in both areas.

Further differences between the two professions are the submission deadlines. While this isn't always the case, content writers seem to have a longer turnaround time than copywriters. Your work is the result of well-planned content using timetables, timetables, content calendars, and the like. Whereas a copywriter can be asked at the last minute to create a text. While dexterity and responsiveness should be found in both professions, copywriters plan their work by far not as precisely as content writers.

It is clear that content writers should not remove working with tight deadlines from their repertoire and that copywriters will not always have the luxury of long deadlines.

Also, it has to be said that content writers and copywriters need to work hand in hand to generate more traffic, build new relationships with customers and consumers, and ultimately build the brand. Even if both have slightly different responsibilities, both should be included as a priority when it comes to creating a website. As a copywriter, you learn to combine strategic writing with great content. They seem to have the best of both worlds. On the other hand, the term content writer is still in its early stages and maybe we will see a further change in development here.

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