Where does the term bullseye come from?

Baby binƐ Small barrel (95 points = 5x 19). Baby topsƐ denotes the lowest double field, the double 3.
(also basement)
Bag o 'nutsƐ a sack of nuts. (45 points) BarrelƐ refers to the handle (middle part) of the darts. The barrel is available in different shapes and with different weights, but with soft darts it cannot be heavier than 18.3 g. BasementƐ denotes the lowest double field, the double 3.
(also baby tops)
BDOƐ British Darts Organization BedƐ denotes a single field on the board. Bed and BreakfastƐ refers to a special throw where the darts can hit 1, 20 and 5 in any order. This is the previous standard price (26 pence) for breakfast in an inn. (also called chips, murphys, cap joe or washing machine) Best of three or fiveƐ The player who has the most wins wins. This means that after two wins the game is over because the other player can no longer win. BigƐ denotes the large field between double and treble. BlackboardƐ refers to the area around the dartboard that still catches the darts, but does not result in scoring when hitting it. boardƐ refers to the dartboard. BouncerƐ refers to a dart that ricochets or falls off the board. BreakfastƐ refers to a throw with 3 darts that has scored exactly 26 points Bristle boardƐ refers to a dartboard made of sisal fibers and used for steel darts. Bucket of NailsƐ refers to a throw in which all 3 darts land in the 1. (Pulled nails, used nails, used to be collected in buckets; poor people tapped them again to be able to use them again. BuckshotƐ refers to a throw in which the darts are scattered over the entire target. So a junk shot. Stage playsƐ are games that are mostly played on the podium from the semi-finals of a tournament. There they are clearly visible from everywhere in the hall. BullƐ denotes the outer ring in the middle of the dartboard with a point value of 25. Bull's EyeƐ denotes the heart or center of the dartboard, inner ring of the bull with a point value of 50. Bull's finish /
Bulls out
Ɛ means the end of a game with the Bull's Eye. BullshooterƐ refers to a dart player who often throws at the bull. Logically, you can find such players in American darts. Bull throwƐ refers to a targeted throw with the dart at the bull. BustƐ The finish throw scores so many points that the game can no longer be ended properly; on the next throw you continue to play with the score from before the throw.