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Justin fortune

Estimated value:€ 1.5 million
Country of origin:Germany
Source of wealth:Youtuber
Last updated:2021

Short introduction

The Youtuber Justin, whose full name is Justin Fuchs, was born on January 21, 1998 in Germany and is therefore 22 years old. He is known on various social media platforms for his fashion and lifestyle videos on Youtube and his own fashion brand ‘Peso’, which is very well received by the fans. The 22-year-old was able to build up a large fortune from his own work and is still very much in trend today with his fashion collections.

Early life

Justin Fuchs became interested in social media platforms at the age of 14. However, at that time his interests were not specifically related to fashion trends, but much more to gaming and design. Nothing is known about his childhood or school career.


Since his interests related to gaming very early on, he founded the gaming channel ‘SuprimeGames’ in 2012, on which he played various games. On April 14, 2014 Justin founded the Lets Play channel ‘PXLWLF’ (pronounced Pixelwolf), which replaced the old channel. On the new channel he mainly played Minecraft, also with other people such as the Youtuber Simon Wiefels (unplayed by the channel). However, he already dealt a little with fashion and made various videos on the subject of fashion and lifestyle from time to time.

On January 2nd, 2015, Justin Fuchs finally founded the channel Justin ’, which was to be devoted entirely to fashion and lifestyle. The variety of videos on this channel is huge and ranges from daily vlogs to videos on current fashion and lifestyle trends to product presentations and challenges. On this channel he still regularly uploads new videos for his community every week since 02/27/2016. He launched his fourth channel ‘justinLITE’ on May 6th, 2018 and has been publishing reaction videos on this channel almost every day since that day.

On June 17th, 2016 he announced that he would like to stop gaming and use the channel ‘Justin’ as the main channel from now on. He made ‘justinLITE’ his second channel and deleted his gaming channel ‘PXLWLF’.

Just six months after founding his fashion channel, he built up the fashion label ‘Peso’, at which point Justin Fuchs was not wealthy and a failure of the fashion label would probably have driven him into financial ruin. However, since his brand sold very successfully from the start and the collections were completely sold out after less than an hour, Justin Fuchs was able to build up his fortune bit by bit.

But with his great success, the number of envious people also grew. Since Justin Fuchs very obviously repeatedly showed high-priced products in his videos, it was only a matter of time for many of his fans before the tide would turn. And so it happened that just a few days ago, Justin was robbed at home by a fake parcel carrier. Jewelry worth over EUR 80,000 was stolen in the robbery. Justin will have drawn his conclusions from this situation and from now on will no longer keep very expensive items at home.

Career highlights

The absolute highlight of his career is definitely the foundation of his brand ‘Peso’. This brand is still in great demand with Justin's fans and the new collections are completely sold out within a very short time, despite the increased number of items. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that Justin relies heavily on high quality and chic design, but also because he can present and market his products via his two YouTube channels, which now both have over 450,000 subscribers.

Tips for success

In his videos, but also in interviews, Justin Fuchs announces that both high-quality products and good care of the community are of great importance. Furthermore, the passion for what you do is essential and your own products should stand out from the crowd and stand for themselves. Of course, the design should still be customer-oriented and appeal to the taste of the target group, in Justin's case teenagers and young adults.

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Estimated value:€ 1.5 million

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