Why do people choose to become teachers?


The editorial team of KLASSE magazine met with teachers who tell their own personal story on the way to becoming a teacher:

The high school teacher

"You have to be able to laugh heartily with the children at least once in every lesson."

Jens Peter is professionally proud to be invited to a wedding. Because Jens Peter is a teacher and the invitation comes from a former student. “Something like that always shows me that I am not only a specialist broker, but also that I am giving them something for life.” The 44-year-old teaches IT and technology / computers at the Dippoldiswalde high school.

He likes going to school every day. For the students he was probably the "politely correct" one. But they consider the committed early riser to be a little more than just correct: after all, he was elected by the students as a confidante teacher this year as well. “I hope that I will be a teacher for the students who will treat them respectfully and fairly and who will also have an open ear when problems arise.” But he also makes clear demands on his students in class. He never forgets that he doesn't just want to be a drummer, but a person for the students.

The trainee teacher

"At this point in time, I can't think of a better job."

â € œI initially studied sociology and noticed in the basic course that the theoretical orientation did not meet my expectations. It was interesting, but I had no idea about myself in this job, "remembers Stephanie Schiemenz. In addition to her studies, she often worked in summer camps and regularly looked after two primary school children with their homework. â € œI really enjoyed working with the children and I thought, why donâ € ™ t I become a primary school teacher? â €

In 2003 she changed her subject at TU Dresden to become a primary school teacher and from then on studied primary school didactics and ethics / philosophy. For almost two years she has been a trainee teacher at the 32nd elementary school in Dresden and is about to become a "real" teacher. When asked whether she regrets the change, she answers with a resounding, "No! In retrospect, I am glad of my decision.â €

The trainee lawyer

â € œAs a beginner, you make mistakes. I take things with humor and try to implement the advice of my mentors.â €

A lot is possible in theory. Trainee lawyer Jörn Seifert notices that too well. â € œWhen I stand in front of 27 students and want to get them excited about the current subject matter, it isnâ € ™ t as easy as one is told at the university.â €

For almost a year he has been a trainee lawyer for English and history at the Friedrich-Schleiermacher-Gymnasium in Niesky. He sees himself in this job and has high demands on his own work. He not only wants to convey the material in a clumsy way, but also to give students a certain sense of the content. It doesn't always work and a few hours don't go as he planned, but he sees it calmly.

For the future of teaching, he would like to have â € œwith the given opportunity to hold professional lessons, under time pressure, but without being stirred up inside.â €

The special school teacher

“Our children show a lot of emotion and are more sensitive than other students. You have to have dealing with children and the teaching profession itself in your blood, more than that, you have to live it. "

"WIFE GEMEINER!" Shouts from one corner of the supermarket to the other. Martina Gemeiner laughs when she talks about how her students sometimes encounter her in the wild. For a good 15 years she has been working at the “KÃ € the Kollwitz” Freiberg development center with children from first to tenth grade. The lesson demands her undivided attention every minute. In her everyday work she tries to find the right mix of consistency and closeness for herself. “On the one hand, I have to be strict, but it also has to contain ice cream for the class.” She tries to separate her private worries and school problems as much as possible. However, this separation is of course not so strict that the thoroughbred teacher would not be happy about a dear "WIFE COMMON !!!" in the supermarket.

The principal

“I have never regretted the decision to become a teacher. From the very beginning I like to appear in front of the children and I still do it today with as much passion as I did 30 years ago. "

Armin Bartz is the headmaster of the Immanuel-Kant-Gymnasium in Wilthen. His teaching profession is a calling. As a math and physics teacher, his enthusiasm is also the best prerequisite. Since 1995 he has been teaching mathematics only, which is his »technical goodies«, as he himself says. For him, mathematics goes beyond the Pythagorean theorem or curve discussions. "The most important thing for me is that things are trained there that everyone needs in life: logical thinking, confronting problems and not running away, but also looking at things from different perspectives."

For Armin Bartz, the essential thing about teaching is the conscious decision to always work with young people. "As an older teacher I try to stay young at heart and to keep my understanding for the young."

The head teacher

"It's a great feeling to have helped shape a person's path in life."

“Working with elementary school students is incredible. It also happens that you are spontaneously hugged in the school building with the sentence: â € œItâ € ™ s good that you are hereâ €, ”says Cornelia Köhler, headmistress of the Kirschau elementary school. The woman with the beaming face has been an elementary school teacher for 35 years and has not regretted a single day. Since 1985 she has been working in the Kirschauer elementary school.

Ms. Köhler and her nine colleagues always create new challenges for themselves. The Kirschau primary school has been a base school for children with language abilities for eight years. “I am very lucky with our team, they are open to everything, have lots of ideas and I am really proud to work with such great colleagues.” Some of the former pupils now come to elementary school with their own children.