How do people get rich discreetly?

You should never say these 5 things to rich people

The blonde Swede Anna Bey is a first class luxury girl. On Instagram and her exclusive lifestyle blog JetsetBabe, she shines with expensive clothes, great trips and lots of glamor. On her Youtube channel “School of Affluence” she gives tips on how women can do the same and how to catch a rich man.

In order to be accepted among the rich and beautiful, according to the successful blonde, there are exactly five things to avoid, as she explains in a YouTube video.

1. Never ask what a rich person does for a living

According to Bey, the question is more troubling than harmless small talk for wealthy people. After all, it seems obvious that because of their wealth, the person is successful in what they do. Exact inquiries quickly set the other person's alarm bells ringing, as the impression arises that it is all about the money. According to Bey, rich people in particular are always on their guard.

Instead, the blonde advises to be patient and to make the other person blossom with a conversation about your own work and to find out something about your professional background. Alternatively, you can ask for the business card or the professional field. It is important to gain the trust of the interlocutor - and that can only be done through subtle questions.

2. Don't pretend to be one of them

Wealthy people are used to wanting to impress others, Bay said. However, that can quickly appear unsafe and desperate. In no case should you try to portray yourself too hard in a good light. Instead of impressing the other person, with this behavior you will quickly be labeled as an outsider.

Bay advises being humble and discreet, and most importantly, avoiding name dropping. It is best if someone else speaks positively about yourself. Because praising yourself puts others off - especially rich people who are used to it.

3. Never ask directly about money and possessions

According to Bay, nothing is more uncomfortable than asking rich people bluntly about their wealth. After all, the goal is not to sniff, but to get to know a person and want to build a relationship. And, according to the life coach, that doesn't work through shameless curiosity.

4. Do not speak negatively about your own wealth

To portray one's own financial situation in a negative light or even to complain, according to Bay, is just as bad as bragging. The other person can quickly get the impression that the only goal is to improve the situation financially or to help. Mentioning you're broke or can't afford things is sending the wrong signals and being an absolute no-go.

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5. Avoid inappropriate phrases

According to the Swede, there is also a lot to consider in terms of language. With phrases like “Nice to meet you”, you quickly come out as an outsider. You indirectly devalue your own position and lose part of your own authority. It is important to be seen and accepted as equal by the wealthy. Since politeness is nonetheless elementary, you should use other formulations.

According to Bay, more neutral greetings such as “Pleasant” or “Very pleased” were better.