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6 tips on how to promote your startup

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As a startup, you have a limited budget - So the money wants to be used for the right advertising measures.

The best ways to promote your startup are Online marketing and print advertising.

Before you decide on one or more marketing measures, it is important to determine where your target group is: Is it young people who are increasingly using social media?

Or are you targeting older customers who read daily newspapers and like to look around for suitable business partners locally?

Adjust the advertising accordingly.

With these 6 tips you can advertise your startup quickly, easily and cheaply

The Internet is the perfect place for cheap, high-reach advertising. Rely on low budget marketing and advertise your startup online.

New strategies are added every day, but the following have proven to be particularly effective:

Online Marketing Solutions That Work:

  • Influencer Marketing: Win well-known influencers for your campaign and benefit from their reach.
  • Facebook Marketing: Create your own Facebook fan page and invite all your contacts to join.
  • Banner advertising: Place advertisements on relevant and high-traffic websites.
  • Email Marketing: Do you already have a customer base? Then offer a newsletter on your website and bind your customers with attractive offers and valuable content.

The possibilities for cheap online marketing for startups are endless.

No matter what you choose: Always keep yours target group in the back of my mind.

It is advisable to focus on some Few areas to focus on and this to play actively. By trying to be active on Facebook, YouTube, Xing, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram at the same time, you may get bogged down. And nothing online users like less than inactivity.

If you prefer to or can only concentrate on one thing to promote your startup, you should take a closer look at the next idea.

Become a blogger

As a new founder, your time is limited. Why you still have one Corporate blog should use as a marketing tool?

People love information - especially when they give them help and for free are. If a potential customer receives valuable input on your blog, there is a good chance that they will book your service / product and recommend it to others.

You are sure to feel the same way: You look for something and first look for it on the Internet. Your potential customers do the same. With a blog that is regularly filled, you will rank better on Google - and will be found faster.

Make your launch a hype

You want to in front the oofficial launch of your startup known become?

This works out!

Give the company website a countdown and diligently post teasers on social media, e.g. exclusive insights into the office and first product images.

This will generate attention among fans and followers and will already gain a lot of traffic and first customers at the official launch.

Important here: You should already have a certain number of followers.

Print advertising

Contrary to the opinion of many marketers, print advertising is far from out. Even in our digital age, people want something Tangible.

This creates trust and, last but not least, is a kind of proof of quality that you can touch.

The best printed marketing tools for startups are these:

Business Cards

Inevitable and now quickly and inexpensively created: Business Cards.

Whether at networking events, after-work parties or trade fairs - you should always have business cards at hand.

Choose valuable cards for your communication and stick to the design of yours True to corporate design.

A business card contains all the relevant information about your company:

  • Company logo
  • Contact Person
  • Contact options
  • Website url

Also read 4 valuable tips on designing business cards.

Advertising Materials

Who does not know the ballpoint pens with a company logo that are thrown after you at trade fairs?

Find the right one for your startup Brand advertising material and distribute them at networking events or enclose them with your customers' orders.

A big advantage of this marketing method: The Recognition effect.

Even if you gave your prospect a branded USB stick months ago - they will remember you and can find you again.

Pay attention exclusively high quality To have products printed. This makes this variant more expensive than the others, but there are many printing companies Quantity discount on larger orders.

In order to find the right one among the enormous selection of printing companies, you should look into it recommendations like, for example, this print shop in M√ľnster.

You win with these advertising methods for startups quick and easy attention in your target group.

You don't have a startup yet, but are thinking about founding one with your idea? Then take a look at the founding basics!

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