Are the Netherlands expensive to visit?

Corona (COVID-19): Information for visitors to the Netherlands

Transport to and within the Netherlands

Touring cars and groups

When traveling to the Netherlands, it is recommended that you travel by car to minimize the risk of contamination.

Are you traveling with an organized group and do you come to the Netherlands by bus, for example? If so, please consult the instructions of your local tour operator, but also take into account these general instructions, which are drawn up by Busvervoer Nederland in consultation with the trade unions and offered to the police, the ILT and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment:

1. Wear a face mask during the entire journey.
2. Make sure that you have provided the tour operator or carrier with a completed and signed declaration of travel by bus. This will be given to you by the local transport company and you will be expected to hand it in before boarding the bus.
3. Do not get on the bus if you have a fever, cold or other symptoms of illness.
4. Follow the rules. The driver decides what is allowed and what is not. If a passenger does not abide by the rules, the driver can forbid access.
5. Don't go on the bus so that you stay as far apart as possible.
6. Pay contactless when paying on the bus.


Public transport is back to the normal schedule. However, we still advise you to avoid the crowds and travel outside of rush hour if possible.

(International) travelers are obliged to wear a "non-medical" mouth mask on buses, trains, trams and underground trains. If you want to use public transport, you should find out about the current departure times and any modified timetables before your trip .

  • The information on may be incorrect. Before you arrive, find out more on the websites of the places you want to visit.

Opening times of restaurants, cafes and hotels

Restaurants and cafes will have to close on October 14, 2020. However, hotels are allowed to keep their doors open as long as restaurants and room service are closed to guests.