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Welcome to my website !

Welcome to my homepage ...

Man (woman) continues to develop. And so a revision of my website, at least the start page, became necessary. At the beginning of my "career" I felt like a crossdresser, today I am not so sure anymore.

A man in women's clothes ...

It took me around 35 years to acknowledge my preferences for feminine clothing and a feminine lifestyle in the broadest sense. No easy way to self-knowledge without the Internet and without a contact person with whom you could talk about it.

Is there more to it than that?

But of course, in addition to my commitment to crossdressing, the question has always moved me: is there more, is there something completely different behind my preferences?

Born as a boy, I noticed at the age of five that I perceive, feel and think differently. I felt closer and closer to girls and their topics than to boys.

It was difficult to find advice and help on this subject without the internet. Ultimately, it wasn't until my internet connection in the 1990s that I realized that I was not the only person with these inclinations.

Meetings, events & locations.

Afterwards, meetings with those who feel and think alike quickly arose and a development occurred that I would not have thought possible earlier. Especially the meetings with the same or similarly affected people and their partners, conversations with outsiders and the discussion in general have always given me new insights. Every meeting, every event, every exchange is valuable.