What is a well known gang in Cleveland

: The example of Cleveland

As modern psychology teaches, the tendency to crime is very often the result of an unsatisfied and misguided desire for warmth, love, and security in childhood. Recently, the city of Cleveland, Ohio, which had a very high level of aggressive crime, got it serious with these modern psychological insights. An action committee made up of police authorities, teachers, juvenile courts and social workers invited all known young gang leaders to a meal. At first they resisted it, but eventually they all came.

In the discussion, the young people, who were all involved in theft, robbery and threat affairs, made suggestions for a meaningful way to spend their free time: They wanted swimming pools, baseball pitches and gymnastics fields. They also wished "some pocket money and some opportunity for adventure." These requests began to be granted and at the same time 200 of these boys, including all gang leaders, were given jobs in industry. They formed clubs in which the authorities and teachers set up special work courses and cultural events. (The bylaws of the clubs require their members to have regular savings so that the boys do not fall back on theft and robbery if they later become unemployed.) In the months that have passed since then, most boys have done very well. The number of juvenile offenders has fallen by 62 percent, some police stations in the poor areas have been closed and their rooms have been given to youth associations.

Of course, the prophylaxis of crime also requires the educators to be educated. You should be trained in modern psychology. But the Cleveland example should encourage parents and educators! Thomas Regau