Can tracking dogs smell LSD?

Can we fool the smell of a tracker dog?

Can we really fool the dog group and the smell of sniffer dogs?

Man's best friend is an effective companion in hunting, tracking, searching for stolen items or missing people. And as everyone recognizes, the sniffer dog can detect all types of drugs with its sense of smell, especially cannabis. Some dogs have become so famous in the underworld that their heads have won an award. However, this is without knowing that a sniffer dog can theoretically be fooled by fooling its master of the dog group ... But at the time of legalization, these dogs have no reason to exist anymore, if not. is still to serve people in medicine, especially in the detection of tumors or the assistance of diabetic children.

The sniffer dogs of the cynophile troop

The gendarmerie uses breeds with a highly developed sense of smell. It will take less than 6 months for the animal to become an expert on cannabis ... However, in order for the dog to retain its competence, it must regularly train in pairs with its master. However, these animals cannot detect all drugs, especially if they are not odorous (LSD is completely odorless). However, the group of dogs can smell just a little bit of grass.

He doesn't have any problems tracking cannabis ... the fact that you have consumed cannabis or even came from a growing medium (or other contact with the plant) makes you fully detectable. The police dog will recognize the slightest odor particle, especially the grass, which is quite stubborn ...

But it is theoretically possible to play with their extraordinary sense of smell.

The limits of the police dog

The laws of physics can affect a sniffer dog's olfactory ability. A dog's sense of smell does not go through certain materials! Especially when it is non-porous for 100%... Plastic bags or other plastic compounds such as a traditional box are not used to mask an odor. Due to its structure, plastic has microscopic pores. This allows olfactory molecules to be detected ...

However, unlike plastic, there are certain materials that a dog's smell cannot get through if they are perfectly sealed: lead, glass, or aluminum foil. In no case can we guarantee that you will be able to fool a tracker dog. However, you can reduce the chance of detection by driving more slowly the speed at which the smell spreads. So, if you've frozen cannabis and put it in one of the above materials (totally sealed), your chances of fooling the dog will increase.

At best, freezing it in a large block of ice would be almost perfect for fooling the dog. Note that the maneuver is not easy when pouring into customs or an airport ... time can work in your favor, too. cannabis locked in a container for a while can also increase your chances, provided you travel fast enough ... Note that the dog is sniffing the ground; hide your contents as high as possible (useless advice to customs that will automatically remove your cap ...)

Another alternative, legalization

Another obstacle for the police dog is legalization ... As of October 17th, cannabis will no longer be banned in Canada. Legalization will put the technical unemployment, a few dozen dogs that specialize in the detection of cannabis. The black market has no reason to exist anymore, these dogs will be without work, so to speak ...

Get myths and ideas

Don't waste time masking one cannabis scent with another scent. Dogs don't smell like people at all. Many are caught believing that a luscious blend of scents will defeat the sniffer dog.

Tell yourself that the dog is sniffing at the molecules. He is able to distinguish any smell, even those nested within others ... The dog's sense of smell is selective. Because if some police dogs have a general sense of smell, others are specially trained to recognize cannabis (or others).

Dogs in the service of their master ...

However, a study published in the journal Animal Cognition reports that dogs used to detect drugs (or explosives) are greatly influenced by what their masters believe ... Researcher Lisa Lit, a former dog handler, deduces that dogs become snoopers, even when well trained, clearly influenced by non-verbal cues from their masters; d. H. unconscious signals...

This research shows that sniffer dogs are unable to obey their own flair ... The handler therefore has an influence on the animal that is incomprehensible ... In order to really deceive a sniffer dog it is necessary to do so before he "deceives" his master by not attracting attention ...

New craft for sniffer dogs

Cannabis is legal in many states. Sniffer dogs specializing in cannabis are no longer valid. Right now, Colorado police dogs are trained to ignore marijuana. To detect real narcotics, you see something completely different ... In fact, dogs can serve humans in the prevention of many diseases. If specially trained, the dog can detect cancer with 100% efficiency. This is what the Institut Curie reports to us, which in 2017 trained two dogs for breast cancer for six months.

The dog's intuition could help medical research in many applications. It can be trained to identify cancerous tumors based on their volatile organic compounds. In addition to prostate cancer or the detection of various tumors, sniffer dogs can assist children with diabetes and instead look for signs of hypoglycemia or hypoglycemia. The flair of our dog friends for the future in medicine, and why not in the field of medical cannabis? In addition, CBD is used to treat stressed dogs or dogs with arthritis.

Learn about science about animals

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