Are Ciel and Lizzy cousins

Elizabeth Midford

Elizabeth Midford (エ リ ザ ベ ス ミ ッ ド フ ォ ー ド Erizabesu Middofōdo) appears for the first time in the first season of Kuroshitsuji in episode 3 "His Butler, the Almighty". In the manga it appears for the first time in Volume 1 - Chapter 2 "This butler can do everything".

She is the daughter of the Marquis of Midford, Earl of Scotoni. Her mother's name is Frances Midford and, like her brother Edward Midford, only appears in the manga. Her full name is: Lady Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford, however, she just wants to be called Lizzy. She is the fiancée of Ciel Phantomhive, who is also her cousin.


Elizabeth is very energetic and pushy. She wants to be called Lizzy and mostly gets her point across. Elizabeth can't stand it when someone wants to get their own way. She loves sweet things and has a tendency to decorate everything and everyone afterwards.

Elizabeth cries very quickly when she knows she has made a mistake or when she is yelled at. It is difficult for her to accept a "no" and therefore mostly annoys the person until they get it. She is very fond of Ciel, her cousin and also fiancé. You can tell that when she hugs him, she doesn't let go of him so quickly. She is very good-natured and caring. She is also mostly happy and laughs a lot.

Since Ciel's parents passed away and he barely shows any emotions, Elizabeth has always tried to make her fiancé laugh. Sometimes she exaggerates quite a bit, but she doesn’t give Ciel a happy look because she misses his laughter. At first Elizabeth wanted to give up her membership in the English knighthood, but since her future fiancé has changed a lot since his parents passed away, she decided to move on.


Elizabeth is a young girl with blonde, long hair and large curls, which she wears in two pigtails. She has big green eyes and mostly a smile on her face. She often wears very striking and elegant clothes adorned with flowers or ribbons. Elizabeth also wears various accessories such as flowers, hats or ribbons in her hair. In the first season of Kuroshitsuji, she is 157 cm tall and weighs 52 kg. In the second season she is 162 cm tall and weighs 53 kg.


Since Elizabeth is Ciel's cousin, she has known him since the time Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive were still alive. When she was very young, she had always played with Ciel and Angelina too. Elizabeth said the Phantomhive house was always filled with laughter. Elizabeth fell in love with Ciel's laughter at the time. When the Phantomhive estate burned down and Ciel was the only one to survive, he didn't have that smile on his face anymore. Therefore, Elizabeth always tries to make Ciel laugh when she sees him.


Elizabeth's dance event

Elizabeth came to visit Ciel as a surprise, since she had run away from home to see him. She decorated the whole house and also the servants of the house in striking colors. When Ciel saw this, he was initially shocked. Elizabeth wanted to do a dance in this house because she thought it was suitably decorated. When the time came, she dressed all the servants in the house, with the exception of Sebastian, in striking clothes. Because she insisted, Ciel wore a blue suit. But when she saw that he wasn't wearing her ring but his ring, she was angry. She took off his ring and didn't give it back to him. But when Ciel was loud to her, she threw it to the ground and it broke. Ciel got so angry that he ran towards her angrily, but Sebastian held him. Sebastian explained that the ring had been an heirloom of the Phantomhives. When she found out about this, she noticed what she had done and began to cry. Ciel takes his ring and throws it out the window. He goes up to Elizabeth and comforts her and asks her to stop crying. Ciel asks her to dance with him, which she accepts with a smile. She continues again late in the evening.

A gift for Ciel

Elizabeth was at the Christmas market with her maid Paula. There she was looking for a birthday present for Ciel. It should be for the best of all as she remembered destroying Ciel's ring. When she saw the Phantom Ark, she bought it. But when she showed it to her father, he said it was a fake. She threw it on the floor, but then she discovered a ring that looked similar to Ciel's.

When Elizabeth drove to Ciel with Paula to give him the gift, she saw that Ciel's ring was being repaired by Sebastian. She ran out of Ciel's mansion without giving him this gift, as this should be something special for Ciel. She suddenly disappeared into the carriage when she saw Drocell play a special song in a dark alley. She ran after until she got to a strange store called Angel's Win & Antiques. Inside, she saw the man to whom she confided all of her problems. However, he wanted to make her a doll himself, since she had the shard of hope.

When she came to in the Sealed Tower, she saw Ciel before her. However, she was controlled like a puppet by Drocell and attacked Ciel. Sebastian saved Ciel and Grell cut Elizabeth the strings so that she could move on her own. It is only when Sebastian and Grell defeat Drocell that she is herself again. However, she falls asleep straight away. At Ciel's home, she celebrated his birthday. Elizabeth gave him the ring, but she hid it in Ciel's pudding.

Kuroshitsuji 2

The white stag

Elizabeth goes on a quest to find a legend with Ciel Phantomhive. It is said that if you saw the white stag, a wish would come true. Elizabeth rides a boat along a river with Ciel and Sebastian. Finnian, Baldroy and Maylene also follow them in a boat. Ciel's servants try to help Ciel and Elizabeth find the stag. However, they do not find anything. Everyone takes a break together.

After the short lunch break, they continue their search. When a storm hits, Ciel wants to break off the search. But Elizabeth runs away from the front. When Ciel tries to call her back, she doesn't respond to him. In the meantime, Lau appears. Suddenly Finnian comes running and leads Ciel and Sebastian to Elizabeth, who is holding onto the boat because it has become too stormy. Lau points to a broken sluice through which the water flows. Ciel orders Sebastian to prevent the lock from breaking. He himself wants to save Elizabeth and goes into the water on the rope of the boat to shimmy around to her. Sebastian doesn't stop the lock from breaking, but breaks through it, which leads to a tidal wave. When Elizabeth falls into the water, Ciel, who also had to let go of the rope, can hold her, but can no longer make it to land and loses consciousness. He wakes up on land in Sebastian's arms, Elizabeth sits worried next to it. When Ciel yells at Sebastian, Sebastian explains that it would have been necessary to destroy the lock to make the river more idyllic and safer.

When Ciel tries to give up looking for the white stag again, Sebastian says that the stag is on the hill. Together they run up the hill and find the white stag, which is a hill figure. The white stag is a floor picture from ancient times. Elizabeth then wishes to see Ciel laugh. This wish conjures up a small smile on Ciel's face.


  • Likes: cute dresses or costumes, Ciel.
  • In the manga, she is excellent at fencing. However, she didn't tell Ciel about it because when he was little he was afraid of strong women.
  • In the manga chapter 58 it is said that she is a year older than Ciel.
  • In the manga, it turns out that she has an older brother.
  • She would do almost anything to see Ciel laugh again.
  • Elizabeth's weakness is that she never really listens to you and that she is a little bit self-indulgent.
  • She played the role of Miss HausMaus in the OVA Ciel in Wonderland.
  • She played the role of Reynaldo, the servant of Polonius in the OVA His Butler, Performer.