Why do rich people show themselves

5 habits that distinguish rich people from poor people

Rich people live in villas, jet around the world in their private jets and only shop at Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Tiffanys? Not true, says writer and entrepreneur Rhett Power in a guest post for "Inc." Very few would do that.

In fact, the rich stay rich because that's exactly what they don't, he explains. They pay very close attention to where their money is going. Power explains that rich and poor people simply have fundamentally different habits when it comes to money.

They also learn from their mistakes and successes over and over again - and you can acquire these habits even if you are a normal wage earner. We'll show you what these are here.

Live rich under their circumstances

Many people who do not have the means to do so buy houses, new cars or take expensive vacations. To do this, you take out loans and unnecessarily go into debt.

Rich people don't. They live under their means, live in modest houses and drive used cars, says Power. They just don't spend money they don't have.

Rich become self-employed

Most rich and successful people have realized that you can only get really rich if you work for yourself. After all, why shouldn't you receive full wages every month for your full performance?

Of course, you should also be aware that not everyone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur. A company of your own can fail very quickly, so you should only take this risk if you have the right idea and can implement it.

Rich people don't give away their money

They are very careful about who to give their money to. They would never give a large sum to anyone just like that. Because then they might as well just throw it in the trash.

They only lend or give away their money if it has a purpose, for example for education, a promising company or a charitable organization.

Rich people do not compare themselves to others

Successful people don't care if others are better or richer than them. You don't want to compete with anyone or measure yourself against the circumstances of others.

If they are in clubs or at expensive events, it is to maintain contacts or to build up social networks and not to impress others with their wealth.

Rich people make their money work hard

Not only do they work hard to earn their money, the money has to work too. You invest and skilfully invest it in order to make an even bigger profit. Poor people often do not have the opportunity to do so, because their bank account is quite often empty.