What are the best films that show hope

39 inspiring films for days when everything else goes wrong

We can't say we're having the funniest November of our lives. You could even say that it is downright gloomy. Certainly it is sometimes good to let yourself go and cry your eyes out in front of a sad movie. But every now and then we also need an impulse, something that lets us reach for the future!

The inspiring films that are essential for self-motivation

We all look for inspiration in different ways. Some people are turning to religion, others are starting to rearrange their living room every 24 hours. Some start making to-do lists as long as their family tree. Still others turn up their favorite playlist to 100 decibels and wiggle all the ballast off their minds.
If I slip on my first step in front of the front door in the morning, miss the train and Alanis Morissettes Ironic is the soundtrack to my day, then one thing always helps: a good old movie night. Whether bio-pic, sports film (with "Eye of the Tiger" in a continuous loop) or fairy tales, films have the ability to build up and inspire more to do and more too be.
I mean, who hasn't thought of Rocky Balboa at a low point? Which of you has Hidden Figures seen in the cinema without jumping for joy afterwards because these incredible heroines finally got the respect they deserved? And who in English class The Dead Poets Club will remember how touched and inspired as a teen were by Robin Williams ’speech.
In the following slides we present films for days when everything just goes wrong - or when you need a cinematic ass kick.