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Are you planning your vacation in Mauritius and wondering what you can do on the island? Mauritius is full of surprises and has more to offer than you might think at first. We spent 4 months on the island and made numerous excursions, as well as explored many sights and experienced great moments. Today we will introduce you to some in the following post Mauritius excursions which, in our opinion, are definitely worth it. This list is of course very subjective and based on our experience. Have fun browsing and copying.

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Black River Gorges National Park

One of our favorite places on the island is clearly that Black River Gorges National Park, which is located in the southwest of the island. You should definitely take a trip to this park, because there are several highlights to discover here. There are more than 60 km of hiking trails through the park, some waterfalls, viewpoints and a diverse fauna and flora. If you like to be in the country and like to put on sturdy shoes during your vacation, you are in the right place here in the Black River Gorges National Park.

Our top highlights in the park:

  • Alexandra waterfalls in the south
  • Mare aux Joncs waterfall in the north
  • Chamarel waterfall
  • Seven-colored earth (we didn't find it so exciting)
  • Bel Ombre Trail (Start: Gorges Viewpoint)
  • Macchabee Viewpoint (view of the west coast)
  • Chamarel Viewpoint ((view of the west coast)
  • Gorges Viewpoint (view over the hinterland)

The park has daily open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Entry is free. You can enter the park via 4 different entrances, and you can park your car in front of the parking lot. We always have the from Flic en Flac Case Noyale entrance taken. But there is still the Black River entrance, on the other side the entrance at the Le Pétrin Information Center and the Chamouny entrance. The approach from the Case Noyale entrance is particularly nice, as you pass great viewpoints.

Mauritius excursions to Port Louis

You definitely should Excursion to Port Louis do. Here in the island's capital there is a lot to experience and some sights. Reason # 1 to come to Port Louis is of course that Central Market. Here you can get fruit, vegetables, spices, textiles, souvenirs and much, much more. Do not be surprised, there is a lot going on here and, above all, there is still a lot of action here. Don't let that put you off, it's best to just join in. The market is open daily from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., only on Sundays it closes at 12 noon. Definitely try: Pineapple with salt and chilli!

Then you should also take a closer look at the other corners of the city. That is also very beautiful Caudan waterfront with the restaurants, shops, the Blue Penny Museum and of course the colorful umbrellas (Umbrella Square). Let yourself go and stroll through Chinatown, visit the Government House, the Catholic Episcopal Church, St. Louis Cathedral or the Jummah Mosque. If you have enough time, you still can hike to the old fortresswhich gives you a great view over Port Louis.

❋ TOUR: Book a day tour through Port Louis * here. In addition to the highlights of the city, this tour also takes you to the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, the Sugar Cane Museum, the beach of Mont Choisy and Cap Malheureux with the pretty red church.

Tour of the Île aux Cerfs

During our time in Mauritius, a trip to the island Île aux Cerfs was recommended to us again and again. So one morning we made our way to Trou d'Eau Douce to take a boat to the island from there. The Île aux Cerf island is small and is located off the east coast of Mauritius. The trip by boat only takes around 10-15 minutes. Once there (in the north) you should move directly further south, because there is far less going on there. Most holidaymakers stay right in the north at the landing point, where you will also find souvenir shops, toilets and restaurants (Sands Grill, La Chaumière Masala Restaurant).

The small bay in the southwest of the island is particularly beautiful if you walk clockwise along the coast after the jetty. The water there is warm, crystal clear and shimmers in the most beautiful shades of blue. Here you can make yourself comfortable and float in the water. But keep an eye on the time, because most boats go back around 4 p.m. for the last time. You can find our detailed article here: Mauritius excursions - Île aux Cerfs. Alternatively: Excursions to the Île aux Bénitiers *, Île aux Aigrettes * or the small Île aux Cocos.

❋ TOUR: Île ax Cerfs - full-day boat tour with BBQ lunch from € 58 * book here. Take a boat trip to the waterfall of the Grand River South East, visit the Île aux Cerfs, snorkel in the Blue Lagoon and discover the underwater world. There are unlimited drinks and a BBQ on board.

Waterfall 7 Cascades (Tamarind Falls)

The excursion to the 7 Cascades. This is a beautiful waterfall that falls in 7 levels and forms some natural pools. This beautiful piece of earth is located between Curepipe and Black River Gorges. You should put on sturdy shoes because you have to do a little physical exercise to reach the individual steps. The Seven Cascades are located in the middle of the wild, green thicket, the backdrop is really just magical. Of course, you can also take a bath in the natural pools.

If you fancy this excursion, you should first drive towards Henrietta village. Drive to the Henrietta Bus Station and a little further until you come to a small Hindu temple. Park your car on the other side of the road and look out for a small path that leads into the thicket. You will reach the first waterfall via this path. Then follow the path markings on the stones and trees. The first 3 floors are relatively easy to get to. It is best to also pack mosquito spray and enough provisions.

❋ TOUR: Highlights tour hike to the Tamarind Falls * including water, guide and hotel transfer from € 33 per person.

Catamaran adventure to Îlot Gabriel

To the north of Mauritius there are some small islands, the Northern Islands. From Grand Baie you can start excursions to these islands. For example, the catamaran takes you past the island of Coin de Mire and on to Îlot Gabriel and Île Plate. On board you can enjoy a delicious BBQ and drinks, and snorkeling is not neglected on this excursion. Enjoy the crystal clear water, the great beaches and the underwater world off the coast of Mauritius. Book the tour here *.

Excursion to the Holy Lake

If you have your own rental car in Mauritius, you should also take a trip to Grand Bassin make the holy lake. This lake is located in the interior of the island, at the eastern end of the Black River Gorges National Park. Before you reach the lake, you will first pass the huge Shiva statue. And we mean really HUGE. The lake itself is one of the largest pilgrimage sites outside of India and is visited by around 500,000 pilgrims every year (late February / early March). The occasion is the Maha Shivaratree Festival.

When you have reached the crater lake, you will discover the many temples, sacrificial shrines and statues of gods. Entry is completely free. As this is a religious site, you should take care of your clothing. Out of respect, don't put on skimpy pants and tops. Another important point: wild monkeys! Don't feed these monkeys, touch them or let them get too close to you. They are and will remain wild animals!

❋ TOUR: As part of the day tour through the wild southwest, you will visit the beautiful Chamarel waterfall, the 7-colored earth, the crater lake Grand Bassin, the Trou aux Cerfs volcano and the Rhumerie de Chamarel. The tour takes around 8 hours and can be booked here: Mauritius day tour *.

Mauritian Tea Tour (Route du Thé)

Discover the green heart of Mauritius and learn how the tea gets into the bag. The interior of the island is definitely worth a trip, because beautiful tea plantations, fields and wooded mountains are hidden here. If you're lucky, you might see locals picking tea. Visit the oldest tea producers in Mauritius on the Bois Cheri plantation. Harvest fresh tea leaves on the plantations, enjoy the atmosphere with a tea tasting on the veranda with a view. We have already sat here with our friends from Germany and tried the different types of tea.

Tea plantation: Bois Cheri in the hinterland
Opening hours: daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Tea Tasting + Museum & Plantation: approx. € 6 p.p.

Then visit the Factory in Maubon, where you can't try tea, but learn interesting facts about the production of the delicious banana chips. The property is also highly recommended Domaine des Aubineaux With a great garden, a beautiful mansion as a museum, where you can learn more about tea in Mauritius. In addition, you can not only enjoy the great atmosphere here, but also try delicious tea and rum. You will also be shown how vanilla is made on this property.

Plantation & Manor: Domaine des Aubineaux
Opening hours: daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Tours: 1 hour tour + tea tasting afterwards
Price: 9 € per person
Or:Day tour Bois Cheri, La Vanille, Saint Aubin *

Hiking on Le Morne Brabant

Are you in the mood for action, adrenaline and nature? Then you should definitely have the Hike to the Le Morne mountain Companies. The view from the top is just spectacular! The mountain is 556 meters high and requires a certain level of fitness from you. If you want to conquer this mountain, you should wear sturdy shoes, bring plenty of drinks with you and have enough power to climb the last bit to the top. You should also know that the property is privately owned. Nevertheless, you can climb the mountain, with or without a guide. At the foot of the mountain there is a small hut where you have to put yourself in a list before the hike. On the way back, you can remove yourself from this list.

Marco's brother recently went to Mauritius with his girlfriend and climbed the mountain. They were also enthusiastic about the hike, even if it is a bit more demanding. You can also just hike to the green gate and enjoy the great views along the way. This part is quite easy and can be mastered without much effort. It is only after the gate that it becomes exhausting and not entirely harmless. Be sure to start early in the morning when it's not quite that hot. Enter “Le Morne trail entrance” on Google Maps and you will find the starting point.

❋ TOUR: Guided tour of Le Morne Brabant * including water, mountain guide, insurance, inexpensive transfer to the meeting point.

Helicopter flight over Mauritius

Again and again we are asked whether we also have one Helicopter flight have made. Unfortunately we have to disappoint you, at that time we didn't have enough money for such an adventure. Or rather, we didn't want to spend so much money on such short fun. Today we would definitely book such a sightseeing flight, because the bird's eye view is simply terrific over and over again. Mauritius is surrounded by a reef that almost completely surrounds the island. The many shades of blue of the Indian Ocean, the white sandy beaches, the lush green mountain landscape ... ah ... the view from the helicopter must be unique!

Most of them do this sightseeing flight because they see the famous "Underwater waterfall" want to see. This really does exist, from a purely visual point of view. Unfortunately, this is an optical illusion. This is due to the strong water currents, which wash away the sand and it looks to us as if there is an underwater waterfall there. But it doesn't matter whether there is a waterfall or not, it just looks crazy, doesn't it? So if you have the opportunity to take a scenic flight in a helicopter, DO IT! This is probably one of the so-called "once-in-a-lifetime" experiences.

Providers:Air Mauritius (so far there is only this one)
Routes: various tours are offered
Costs: from 387 € for two people (Underwater Waterfall Tour)

Food tour of Mahebourg

When we reached the island at that time, we were in for the first few days Mahebourg, because we wanted to get here first. In addition, we had no idea about the island at that time. So for us it was all about: arrive, let yourself drift and see what happens. Mahebourg is definitely one of the most authentic places on the island. At first glance, the corner may not look particularly “chic” or “clean”, but here you get a good impression of the “real” Mauritius.

Visit the central Mahebourg market (Rue Hollandaise) and feast your way through the many delicious snacks. Mahebourg is considered a colonial gem, unfortunately many of the old wooden houses are empty, others have already been replaced by new ones. This is what Port Louis must have looked like before the construction boom. There are no special sights in the former capital of the island, but we were still impressed by the atmosphere and the authenticity. The city also immediately showed us that Mauritius is much more than “just” a honeymoon island. Tip: Café de Labourdonnais, Le Bistrot and Cafe Gourment.

Stand up paddling on the water

Already the trend sport Stand up paddling tried out? Give it a try in the island's sheltered lagoons. Here the sea is gentle and mostly calm, inviting you to glide over the water. At the same time you are active, you can enjoy the great weather and then jump into the "cool" water. You can rent a board for a day or a whole week. Usually the board will even be brought to your accommodation (free of charge and / or for a fee, depending on where you live). You pay around € 35 for one day. It is much cheaper if you rent for several days. Bookable here: REAL Mauritius.