How can I say hello in Malay

"Teaches Malaysian much faster than with conventional learning methods - with only 17 minutes of learning time per day"


Using numerous innovative test methods, learn and repeat the Malay vocabulary until it is stored in your long-term memory. These vocabulary will be you never forget again and how to recite in your sleep.


Texts, phrases and expressions:
You can apply your vocabulary through authentic, sound texts and dialogues in full sentences and in a thematic context at. Soon you will be able to read books in Malay and watch Malay films in real life.


Learn Malay Grammar:
Of course, the rules of the language are not left out of the daily tasks either: With help clearly understandable grammar chapter - illustrated by numerous examples - you learn the Malaysian grammar from the ground up and according to a didactically meaningful system.


Sentence structure trainer:
You will learn with the help of the sentence structure trainer playful sentences in Malaysian to build.
The program automatically checks whether you are correct. This will quickly give you a good feel for Malaysian syntax.


Verb trainer:
The verb system is the heart of every language. Here you will learn to conjugate the most important verbs and the Formation and application of the tenses in Malaysian.


Long-term memory words:
After you've completed the daily tasks, we'll show you one Overview with all the words that are already in your long-term memory. This list serves as a visualization of your previous performance, as motivation and for repetition.


Add vocabulary:
Are you interested in a certain topic but can hardly find any vocabulary for it in your language course? No problem! You have the opportunity, own words and their Malaysian translation to enter. These are then queried in the daily tasks in the same way as the vocabulary contained in the course.


So that the daily tasks are new every day exciting and innovative stay, these different learning topics are not dealt with in separate blocks, but are presented in a mixed manner according to the topic and your level of learning. This is how your daily learning experience remains always interesting and makes you want to continue learning a few minutes longer.
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