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Benefit from your own video seminars on the Internet!

Produce and sell e-seminars without additional effort. Integrated directly on your website.

Your advantages

earn money

You already have the decisive part - the knowledge. You can now turn this into cash more easily than ever before. Create your own webcasts and generate extra income by selling them!

Spreading valuable knowledge

Let others benefit from your valuable knowledge. Make it possible for students, schoolchildren, employees, all those who are hungry for knowledge to share your knowledge and thus to be able to continue their education.

Uncomplicated process

We offer a complete service: from recording to providing the finished videos in our double-frame player directly on your website. We take care of all payment processing and technical matters for you.

Products & services for your success

Build your own web shop with video seminars based on our proven technology and sell your valuable educational content on your website and lecturio.de. We offer you the complete package to publish your knowledge profitably on the Internet.

eLECT Lite

Video seminars integrated directly into your website

Hosting & streaming included

Connection to the payment system

No own IT infrastructure required

Extensive functionalities

Recording service

Qualified staff for top shots

Provision of recording equipment

Quality assurance and post-production

Learn more about your own webcast with Lecturio eLECT Lite

Do you have the knowledge and don't want it to be lost?

Education is important and we can help them preserve their knowledge. With the experience and professional know-how we help you to create your own webcast. We support you from the recording to the completely finished product. We film your face-to-face event and support you until the lectures are available online. We'll also give you valuable advice on how to promote your webcast and thus attract a wider audience.

You can create the webcast for your own students, for the more comfortable preparation and follow-up of your lectures, but also for students from other universities and colleges who are interested in your content. In this way, your knowledge is not lost, you can reach many people and make additional profits without further effort.

Preparation of the recordings

The path from raw material to a high quality webcast.

What exactly happens after the face-to-face event has been recorded? After the recording, the preparation and processing phase begins. Your personal wishes naturally flow into the preparation. You can determine how the individual presentations in the online videos are divided and how the webcast should look at the end. A special feature of Lecturio is the double-window player. With this player, lecture notes, slides and other additional materials can be integrated in parallel to their recording. This parallel presentation of the slides and their lecture enables the user to concentrate optimally on the content.

Creation of the webcast

How can I offer my webcast centrally?

So that your knowledge reaches a wide audience, we of course also support you with the publication of your webcast, so that it can be offered centrally and profitably.

In order to make your content available online, we offer you two different options. The first option is to include the online lectures on your own website. Is your website already very popular with students and other users? Then this variant is very suitable. You have a given target group right from the start. Technical components such as hosting or streaming are still in our area of ​​responsibility, so that you only have to take care of the content of your webcast. If you want to set up an entire web shop with online lectures, we will take care of setting up a payment system for regulated and uncomplicated payment processing.

The second option would be to offer your videos directly to Lecturio.

Through their own webcast, they can reach many people with their knowledge and support students and other interested parties in their educational developments. With eLECT Lite, education works efficiently and easily.

This is what your webcast could look like

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Thats what our customers say

PD Dr. Pascal Berberat

Head of TU Munich MeDiCAL

“In cooperation with the Lecturio company, three lectures have been recorded and put online at our faculty since this semester. We are very satisfied with the company's service and the demand for the videos from the students is immense. We would work with Lecturio again at any time. "

Prof. Dr. Christoph Kaserer

TU Munich

"Lecturio enables us to make multimedia course content inexpensive and, above all, centrally accessible to our students."

Dr. Simone Kaniber

Coordinator at the Faculty of Mathematics TU Munich

“As part of the special courses offered by TUM in the 2011 summer semester, two mathematics lectures were recorded by Lecturio. The video recordings made it much easier for students from the double Abitur class to take part in this program, as, for example, internships could also be completed on the side without missing any lecture material. The collaboration with Lecturio was very good. The employees always tried hard and were reliable and responded flexibly to short-term changes at any time.