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Entry requirements Algeria

Visa requirement in Algeria

According to the Entry requirements applies in Algeria a Visa requirement for Germans, Austrians, Swiss and most other foreign visitors. The fee-based visa must be obtained from an Algerian diplomatic mission at least 2 weeks prior to entry. In the event of a rejection of the application, which only occurs in exceptional cases, the applicant will not receive any reimbursement of the fees incurred. There are visas on arrival Not.

Entry is only possible with one passport allowed, whose Validity 6 months goes beyond the expected end of the journey. A temporary passport is permitted, but an identity card is not.

Issuing and obtaining visas

In Germany, the Algerian Embassy in Berlin and the Consulate General of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria in Frankfurt am Main are responsible for issuing visas. The diplomatic and consular representations are official sources of information for questions about the entry requirements of Algeria. Applicants have the option to apply for their visa directly at the embassy or to order visa procurement. As an accredited visa service, we are happy to take over communication with the authorities for you.

Tourists who require a visa and intend to travel to the south of the country need an invitation from a travel agency that is recognized by the Algerian Ministry of Tourism and Crafts. The duration and route of the trip must be listed in detail on the letter. No special permits are required for other parts of the country.

Algeria trip with minors

Child entries in the passports of the legal guardians are no longer permitted since 2012. Each child needs both their own identification document and a visa.

In the case of minors of Algerian descent, it should be noted that the right to determine the child's residence under Algerian family law is the sole responsibility of the father. If the father comes from Algeria or another Muslim country, his consent to the child's departure from Algeria - in person or in writing - is required.

Vaccination regulations

A yellow fever vaccination is only mandatory if you are entering a risk area. When entering directly from Germany or other non-infection areas, visitors do not need proof of the visa application.

Entry with your own vehicle and customs regulations

Temporary importation of a private car is generally permitted. However, waiting times at the border are to be expected. Travelers with a vehicle should show their international insurance card.

Bringing binoculars, navigation devices (e.g. GPS receivers), radio devices, laser pointers or similar objects is prohibited. Valuable electronic devices as well as foreign exchange must be declared upon entry. It is forbidden to take Algerian dinars out of the country.

Exceptions to the visa requirement

Entry without a visa is only permitted for nationals of the following countries: Libya, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Sahara Republic, Seychelles, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen.

Entry requirements Algeria - Sources

Further country information (customs regulations, medical information, etc.) on Algeria can be found on the website of the Federal Foreign Office. Please note that last-minute changes to the Entry requirements Algeria cannot be ruled out. For information on the latest regulations, please contact the Algerian embassy or consulate directly.