Can I become a CA without coaching


Requirements for certification

In order to maintain our high quality standards, there are certain requirements for
a DCV certification:

  • A current membership in the DCV
  • Proof of training at a recognized training institute
  • At least five years of professional experience upon graduation or at least
    eight years in vocational training
  • A successful conversation with two members of our certification commission
  • If necessary, a teaching sample

You can find detailed information in our certification regulations.

If you want to be certified directly, you will find the certification application here.

Certification process

If you are interested in certification by the DCV, please refer to the official certification dates. The following deadlines apply:

  • The documents should be submitted to the office 12 weeks before the certification date. There they are checked for completeness. Please use the DCV certification application to apply for certification and to submit the documents.
  • The complete documents must be submitted to the office 8 weeks before the appointment. After the content has been checked by the regional contact in the certification commission, the exact date / time for the certification will be agreed with the interested party.

Our certification committee

The certification committee consists of up to seven senior / teaching coaches who are elected by the general assembly for a period of two years. The main task of the voluntary certification commission is the certification of members, as well as the elaboration and continuous further development of the certification regulations.