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Trump's dementia test: "Because I'm cognitively there"

The President of the United States and the sole superpower spoke:

"There were 30 to 35 questions. The first questions are very easy. The last questions are much more difficult. Such as a memory question. So something like this: 'Person. Woman, man, camera, TV." Then they say: 'Can you repeat that?' I said, 'Yeah, it's: Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.' "

"Okay, then they ask you other questions, and then ten, fifteen, twenty minutes later they say, 'Do you remember the first question - not the first question, but the tenth question? Tell us again. Can you do this?'"

“They said, 'Nobody's getting this right.' It's actually not that easy, but it was easy for me. And that's not an easy question. In other words, they ask you, they give you five names, and you have to repeat them. And that's okay. If you don't repeat them in the right order, that's okay, but it's not that good. If 20-25 minutes later they ask you, 'Go back to the question and repeat it 'then you say,' Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV. '"

"And they say, 'This is incredible. How did you do that?' And I do it because I, uh, have a good memory, because I'm there cognitively."

Donald Trump on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test he took. It is used for the early detection of dementia. (Hans Rauscher, July 24, 2020)