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Sewing baby pants: Sewing instructions for baby pants RAS

Sew comfortable baby pants quickly and easily!

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Sewing baby pants: The baby pants with only one seam

Sew baby pants in just 30 minutes. Impossible? Not at all, because the special thing about my baby pants is that they only have one seam. That’s why it’s done in no time at all. Just follow each of the steps below and you can't go wrong. For the pattern and detailed sewing instructions, you can download the Freebook Baby Pants RAS. If you don't want to print the pattern yourself, you can order the RAS baby pants here as a paper pattern.


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Yes, the baby pants RAS. Was already close to my heart. My little mouse girl is not exactly what one could commonly describe as “petite”. I had to change many trouser patterns so that they fit correctly and Sophia had enough space to crawl, run around and do gymnastics. The only thing I didn't want to sew was bloomers! Now I have painstakingly put together a pattern that everyone should find the right size and variant. In addition, RAS is a little time miracle and can be sewn in a very short time. For my rehearsal girls, the time between cutting and sewing varied between 30 minutes and 3 hours. Whereby various breastfeeding breaks and game interruptions were counted during the 3 hours;)

Video instructions for sewing baby pants

Here you can find a video instruction for sewing the baby pants RAS:


The RAS can of course be varied in length, whether as trousers with waxing, 3/4 trousers or shorts for summer. Cuffs can be attached as explained in the ebook, or elastics can be inserted. Frills on the leg ends, cuffs or just sew on. Jersey, jeans, cotton, ... anything goes!

I would particularly like to emphasize here that the RAS also offers enough space for cloth nappy bottoms! But other diapers and those who no longer need to wear diapers are also considered. Slim and petite, baby chubby, it doesn't matter! I believe that all cases are considered and so the individually perfectly fitting RAS can be sewn.
Of course, you can betüddelt, plotter, embroider, be äh applied and so on as you like. Bags can also be easily integrated (although they are not part of the ebook).

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Sewing for babies

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basic equipment for the baby

Sewing instructions for baby pants

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Fabric requirement

  • For allSizes 56-68 you need each40cm stretchy fabric.
    For allSizes 74-92 you need each50cm stretchy fabric.
  • You also needCuff fabric. Here it is difficult to state the need. You
    needapprox. 10 cm wide - this results in a 5 cm long cuff. (Of course you can
    also make the cuffs shorter or longer.)


  • sewing machine
  • Pins
  • scissors
  • pen
  • Tape measure / ruler

Step 1

Cut the pattern according to the pattern in the fabric break and with seam allowance. (The fabric lies right on right.) A seam allowance of 0.5-0.7 cm is recommended. Variations: If you don't want a cuff on the pant legs, give more seam allowance (approx. 3-5 cm) for sewing. If you want to put a rubber band on your stomach, then give more seam allowance here as well.

step 2

Without unfolding the piece, pin the side directly opposite the fold of the fabric up to the point. (The wrong side of the fabric is on the outside, the right sides are facing each other on the inside.)

step 3

Then sew this side together with an elastic stitch. (This is the seam on the bottom.)

Step 4

Then fold the fabric so that the broken fabric and the seam you have just sewn are on top of each other. Pin the point where the center front / fabric break meets the back seam with a pin. Now you can see the pants.

Step 5

Now pin the inside of the legs together and sew the entire arch in one go.

Step 6

Now comes the waistband. Measure the top of the front of the pants and multiply the result by 0.7. If your cuff fabric is very stretchy, multiply by 0.5 or 0.6.

Measure the cuffs according to your calculations. It lies twice and one edge remains closed, so that you get a strip that is twice as long as your calculated result. Add a little seam allowance.

The strip should be 10 cm wide if you want a 5 cm wide cuff. (Growing cuffs can be cut e.g. 15 cm wide)

Step 7

Now double the strip so that the left side is facing out. Sew the short edge together and lock (sew) the seam well. You now have a ring.

Step 8

Turn the ring over so that the right side is on the outside and the seam is on the inside. Fold the ring lengthways. One edge is now closed, the other open.

Step 9

Turn the pants so that the right (beautiful) side of the fabric is on the outside. Mark the middle of the front of the pants with a pin, including the two sides. Also mark the cuff ring.

Step 10

Now place the seam of the cuff ring on the back seam of the pants and pin it in place. The open side of the ring points upwards and closes with the upper edge of the trousers. The closed side faces down! The right side of the pants is on top!
Pin the two together along the top edge.
First pin the mark on the cuff ring in the middle of the trousers (mark).
Then stretch the cuff so that it lies flat on the pants and pin it in place piece by piece. (You can also first mark the sides ("quarters") and then pin in between.)

Step 11

Sew the pinned cuff to the pants. When sewing, always stretch the cuff, but not the jersey. (Otherwise there will be frills.)

Step 12

Flip the cuff up. The seam should now be on the inside. If not, you now know how to do it;)

Step 13

Measure the leg cuffs in the same way as the cuff for the stomach. Multiply the measured length of the leg by 0.7.
Cut two identical strips (one edge closed so that they are double.) As with the waistband, the strips can each be 10 cm wide. Of course, you can make it narrower or wider.
Sew the two strips into two rings and fold them lengthways. Put the rings on the pant legs, stretching the cuff as you go. The open edge of the cuff looks towards the edge of the pant leg. Sew the cuff tight, fold it over. Now the other leg ... DONE!

That's it with my little sewing instructions. I hope she was helpful when sewing baby pants! If you liked it, please leave me a comment below! I am also happy about every like on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, etc.!

Sample pants from my sample sewers

The girl's mom with creativity, Maria-Rita from Mammamiasblog has sewn 3 beautiful RAS. From left to right: Made of stretch jeans, 3/4 length cotton and jersey. She already wants the pattern in larger sizes, which of course makes me happy: D

Evi from Aefflyns to go (can also be found here on FB) sewed a hip item out of jersey in about 45 minutes. Star-studded trousers with a casual patch pocket.

The (still?) Blogless Anja sewed a Jersey RAS with cool birds for her little cloth diaper carrier treasure: D
Doesn't she look good ???

Simone alias Sockenlotte sewed 5 (!!!) RAS! Among other things, made of cozy sweat and great jerseys with long cuffs that grow with your child. Aren't the little feet easy to bite? : D I think with 5 pants you hold the record so far!

Pamela from Pamelopee also wants bigger sizes! I have something in front of me;)
She has sewn a chic little box out of gleaming white sweat with maritime-looking blue cuffs. I was told that the mini man didn't want to take off his pants anymore, I'm happy!

Sewing grandma Ella has conjured up a hedgehog jersey RAS and is happy that the pattern is not cut in the front. I had a lively discussion with her during the trial sewing, whether the trousers fit or not, which could be clarified quickly and amusingly! It behaved in such a way that her pants were apparently 3-4 cm too long at the top, but 3-4 cm too short at the bottom of the legs! How can that be? After some guesswork, the solution! Your little model is not wearing a diaper! : D
So the change for diaperless was included in the ebook. That's why you do trial sewing! Thanks a lot for this!

Marion, also still blogless, wanted to try out a pair of non-pumpy pants. She sewed great jersey models and also tried a rubber band on her stomach. She even made the cut smaller and sewed trousers for dolls !!! :)

Isn't the little mouse sugar ??? Monja (to be found here under LuMoCa on FB) has conjured up a RAS made of jersey for her little darling and frilled the leg ends! Such a cute girl's box!

Katja from the blog JonaLotte has needled these 3 beautiful jersey jackets! She told me that these will not be the last RAS pants she will sew!
At this point it should be noted, dear Katja, that you and Diana completely confused me! I really thought I wrote the blog address wrong! Two sample sewers and the same blog twice? But yes, it is! Completely ignorant, I chose you BOTH! So here comes ...

... the boy mom Diana! Also from the JonaLotte blog. It should be noted again that I only really noticed this when I was evaluating the questionnaires! : D
Diana sewed RAS out of jersey and dino-strong fine cord! Roaaaaar!

So stop stop! Let's take a little break here. Take a biscuit, refill your coffee, tear open the bag of chips and go to the bathroom again. You did half of the sample sewing results! Ding Dang Dong !!! (This is the end of the break bell!)
Clear your throat again, blow your nose and do other things. Ding Dang Dong! Take up places again! Ding Dang Dong !!! The light goes out! The conversations fall silent ... there is a tense silence in the hall, anticipation for the second act!

Here the jersey pants sewn by Christina (to be found here on FB)! The middle photo of the little sunshine is so cute! Unfortunately, I can't show you that cute grin from the original photo. So much can be revealed, the cat doesn't even come close: D

Two beautiful pants by Nathalie alias Ilanoé! I'm happy to have won you over as a rehearsal seamstress, just before Ilan grows out of 92! She sewed from nicki and cord and built in a super great star-studded bag!

It continues with the sweet face from Christine! She writes the Kindhayt blog and has needled 2 RAS jersey / interlock pants. The pants fit perfectly over the cloth diaper bottom of the small model! Christine is a very valuable editing tester: D She took the trouble to catch some spelling mistakes and shifted letters! Thanks for that.

Regina, known on FB as the sewing bell, sewed jersey and fleece pants for her little sparrow according to the Freebook baby pants RAS. Seems to be perfect for climbing on the sofa! :)

Madeleine conjured up a RAS out of Jersey for this cute little mouse. It sits nice and loose, well suited for a sling! By the way, Madeleine holds the record in snail sewing: D It took her about 3 hours for the RAS! But only because she counted breastfeeding breaks and baby fun: D

Another Marion! You Marions made a fool of me. Until I strapped that not all photos are of ONE person named Marion ...: D I had to sort it out again, because I had nicely labeled the photos with your first name! So, Marion number 2 has needled 4 very nice jersey pants. The hand-made bag is definitely a special eye-catcher! I'm blown away!!!

During the trial sewing, there was also a lot of plotting! These sleek specimens are from Rebekka, alias Fräulein Mutti. Sewn from interlock / jersey. Especially the black pants are a real blast!

Two cozy Nicki trousers for a very small model! Sewn by Nadia, known on FB as Nadjas Wunderwald. In no less than 20 minutes, Nadja completed a Freebook Baby Pants RAS !!! Wow!