Why is my cat shaking vibrating

My cat trembles when it purrs! - 5 reasons

Your cat's trembling when purring can be for several reasons! We have listed the most important ones below.

Feel good

Some cats tremble when they are comfortable. Of course, purring can also be a sign of fear. Ultimately, it should be judged in context. If your cat is relaxing on the couch and being petted by you, the purring is unlikely to be because it is scared.


Much like us humans, cats can have chills when they have a fever. However, you can tell pretty quickly that your cat is doing so badly. She is apathetic, lies a lot, refuses food and water intake. In such cases you should see a doctor quickly!


Some bacteria that emit toxins can also cause tremors, especially when the substances attack the nerve cells. Usually these are in the intestines, but they can also circulate in the blood. If your cat shows symptoms similar to those described in the “Fever” section, a blood and fecal sample should definitely be taken!


A basic cause in the form of epilepsy is unlikely to be gratifying. Unfortunately, this also occurs in animals! However, it can be treated well with medication, you just have to recognize it. Keep a journal of the cat's tremors, record videos and describe exactly how long, how strong, when and under what conditions the trembling occurs. Show the documents and videos to your doctor, who can assess whether further examinations are useful.


In addition to bacteria, a number of viruses can also cause nervous deficiency symptoms, for example the feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIP). Symptoms similar to those of fever are also found here, with diarrhea and vomiting, as well as ataxia (problems walking and running) and painful abdomen (stomach).

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