How are physicists paid

salary Graduate (master) with physics

1.  Aerospace Engineering50.961,54
2.  physics47.807,02
2.  physics47.807,02
97.  Fashion17.500,00
98.  Textile technology17.500,00
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Of the 98 departments examined for which we have salary information, physics is in second place, thus in the top third in our study. Aerospace technology (EUR 50,962.00) was placed directly in front of Physics, followed by vehicle technology (EUR 47,298.00). Donors are the companies in the following fields of aerospace technology (EUR 50,962.00), physics (EUR 47,807.00) and vehicle technology (EUR 47,298.00). In contrast, the wallets in the fields of musicology (22,500.00 euros), fashion (17,500.00 euros) and textile technology (17,500.00 euros) are pretty buttoned up.

Factors influencing the salary with physics

A total of 1364 companies have advertised for the target group graduates (Masters) in physics. Of these 1364 firms, 406, or 29.77%, belonged to the large enterprise category. Thus, the influencing factor "large companies" is well above the average and has an influence on the salary. It can be assumed that this will indicate a higher salary on average.
Companies in the cities of Munich, Stuttgart and Bremen are looking for a subject in physics. In Munich, 8.14% of all jobs are advertised for physics and in Stuttgart it is still 5.79%. Here are the top cities for the physics department: Munich (8.14%), Stuttgart (5.79%), Bremen (5.65%), Berlin (4.99%), Frankfurt (Main) (4.40) %), Erlangen (2.79%), Oldenburg (2.71%), Hamburg (2.49%), Mainz (2.13%), Bonn (1.98%).
The industry also has an influence on the salary structure, see also Salary by industry. The physics department is mainly wanted by the electrical industry with 16.79%. This means that 16.79% of all jobs in the field of physics are advertised by companies in the "electrical industry", followed by the IT sector (15.81%), consumer goods industry (13.11%), research and development (9th , 56%), management consulting (8.54%).