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Nice smell. How does a vagina smell?

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"How does a vagina smell?"

Have you ever thought about how we women actually smell downstairs?

Maybe you've even sniffed it before? Or do you have twelve question marks buzzing through your head right now ?! Whatever. We'll definitely provide you with the answer (s) now! Because yes: the vagina smells really different on some days than on others!

Does a vagina really smell like fish?


Did you know it according to a studyaround 2,100 different olfactory influences that make up the smell of a vagina? We neither. That means that the smell of our vagina consists of many mini aromas. Sounds kind of logical, but at the same time also absurd. 👃👃👃

The reason for this is quite simple: It's about bacteria again. Of course, the little things also play a major role in the smell of the vagina. Since the body's own fragrance is also composed of products from human metabolism and bacterial metabolism, the motto also applies to Mumu: You are what you eat.

Yes, your vagina may smell like your last noon. OK! Not that blatant. But yes, if you eat a lot of onion or garlic, your vagina can take on a similar odor. This scent tends to come from the urethra and your vaginal discharge usually doesn't "affected" is.

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If your vagina really smells like fish, it could be a sign of bacterial vaginosis. Then you should definitely see your doctor. And: a putrid smell is also abnormal and rather indicates a forgotten tampon. Here too: off to the doctor!

What vaginal odor is normal?

Let's say we skipped the kebab on lunch break, what does a vagina usually smell like then?

Because down there loads (billions) of bacteria romping about, who have the task of settling the vaginal environment at a pH value of around 4.5, it is totally normal if your vagina smells slightly sour. In addition, also prepares a subtle musty scent no reason to worry. This is simply due to the sweat that collects in the folds and cracks. 😉

No matter which fragrance your pussy prefers: the respective aroma should not get out of hand! So if you are unsure whether everything is like that down there with you "normal" then just ask your doctor, your best friend or us directly! ❤️

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