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An open-plan office is basically an office concept in which a large number of workplaces can be set up on an area of ​​over 400 square meters. In order to still be able to guarantee a certain degree of privacy, the individual workstations are often structured by separating elements such as cupboards, room-in-room systems or turnstiles. However, these partition walls are not pulled up to the ceiling, so that an open feeling of space is maintained.

Nowadays the trend is towards smaller dimensions, which are also perceived as significantly more social. These are often referred to as open space or open office concepts. Open-plan offices or open office concepts are particularly suitable for companies that are characterized by high change dynamics in the organization and by a high proportion of team and project work. In modern open-plan offices, great importance is attached to placing the workstations near the window so that work can be done in daylight. In the center of the office, on the other hand, there are archives or meeting rooms.

It makes sense to set up the open-plan office in such a way that the activities carried out can be optimally pursued. If you often work in teams, an open room concept is recommended for unhindered communication. If, on the other hand, rest and concentration are required, soundproof cells should be built. Of course, it is easily possible to implement both concepts in an open-plan office. Retreat and relaxation rooms for the lunch break or a short relaxation should also be planned. In any case, the requirements of occupational health and safety, which provide for a traffic area of ​​12 to 15 square meters per person, must be complied with.