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Burgers are popular with young and old because they taste delicious and are generally quick and easy to prepare. However, it is not that easy to create an optimal burger. You have to be careful to use fresh ingredients and to season them properly. Well-known fast food chains only use salt and pepper to refine the taste of their burgers.

With the right recipe you can Burger become a culinary highlight. Whether a classic hamburger, a vegetarian burger with lots of fresh vegetables or an unusual creation with salmon. Everything that tastes good can be tried. We have the most delicious burger recipes for you here!


Burger patties

32,578 ratings

With this recipe you can make the perfect burger patties, just like from the USA.

Hamburger with Melted Cheese

3,903 ratings

Melted cheese hamburgers are easy to make. The recipe is ideal for the next children's birthday party.

Self-made burgers

2,659 ratings

The self-made burger recipe is fun to prepare.

Cheese burger

1,976 ratings

A cheeseburger is very easy to prepare and is especially tasty for children.

Veggie burger

1,165 ratings

A veggie burger is healthy and is not just a treat for vegetarians.

Homemade burger bread

1,399 ratings

For everyone who prefers to make their own burger the right recipe for homemade burger bread.

Chickpea burger

753 ratings

The recipe for the chickpea burger is the meatless alternative and can be served with a fresh salad.

Giant burger with all the extras

615 ratings

Giant burger with all the extras is topped with fried onions, fried eggs and bacon. Garnished with salad, this recipe is a real culinary delight.

Fried burger patties

511 ratings

The whole family will love fried burger patties. A recipe idea for a quick lunch.

Rice burger

535 ratings

The meatless rice burger recipe tastes best with vegetables and salads.

All burger recipes

Burger recipes

Burgers are the new trend in restaurants and domestic kitchens. A more or less thick patty, burger sauce, vegetables, cheese and a roll: the burger is ready. Anyone who knows something comes without it Burger recipes And rightly so - if it weren't for the many creative combinations, including real gourmet burgers, which taste completely different from ordinary hamburger. This in turn turns burger recipes into ideas that justify an entry in your personal cookbook.

The burger trend has turned meat in a bun into an art. What used to be unhealthy, dripping with fat Fast food was decried and was only available at the snack bar, has now turned into a dish that could impress gourmets. But just because burgers have become more than socially acceptable doesn't mean they aren't easy to prepare. The meat patties can often be bought ready-made, the rolls come from the bakery, and the ingredients can even be freely selected. Many amateur chefs can easily make a hamburger or cheeseburger themselves, even without a burger recipe. The vegetables are best enjoyed fresh, so that only the meat is fried, the bread roll maybe baked and the Burger needs to be assembled.

Burger recipes are often the starting point for self-cooking. Everyone knows them, everyone likes them: in addition, burgers always fit and the homemade version is not unhealthy at all, as they are made with fresh vegetables. Burger recipes are also recommended for beginners in the kitchen because little can go wrong and the cooking effort is limited. Nevertheless, simple burger recipes for well-known creations offer plenty of scope for experimentation and creativity. How about, for example, a slice of avocado in the Burger recipe did not occur for the simple hamburger? Or a slice of fine dry-aged beef instead of the usual minced meat patty? Burger fans who are less keen to experiment are of course satisfied with Emmentaler instead of the previous slices of toasted cheese ...

Since the Burger is initially a fairly simple dish, it also offers gourmets so much scope for new things. In the newly emerging burger restaurants, for example, you can find creations with rolls made from exotic dough, with a wide variety of meat patties, wild fruit and vegetable toppings and sauces you have created yourself. The obligatory cheese alone offers plenty of space for exclusive tasting experiments. You can also approach these at home with the right burger recipes. They do require a little more preparation time, as the vegetables have to be caramelized, marinated or blanched, for example. Demanding hobby cooks even bake their own rolls. These burger recipes are a good practice for this, as they are a good basis for learning new techniques in the kitchen without being able to go wrong.