What is it like to work at Rivigo

Vengo a Rovigo!

Dear friends, family, acquaintances and readers,

the suitcase is as good as packed ... only a few hours at home until I leave.

Without Italian in my luggage, I will live and work in Rovigo (Italy) for 9 months. For me it's like a new start. Everything will be new: the country, the people, the culture, the language and the blogs! I have made up my mind to write blog posts from time to time throughout my stay to keep you up to date and of course to show you photos.

How I got into this project:

After dropping out of my studies, I wanted to gain experience abroad - after graduating from high school, I could never have dreamed of something like that, because I was too scared. By chance during my research I found my current sending organization (SO) IN Via in Aschaffenburg. After a nice and detailed introductory seminar, a European voluntary service really felt attainable. My dream destination was actually England because I really wanted to improve my English. But there was a lack of projects in the period to which I wanted to go. My SO pointed out two projects in Italy and I really liked one of them. It was about Sant`Andrea Apostolo della Carità (Charitas). I will support Charitas there to help people, from the distribution of food to support with educational events. No previous knowledge of Italian is required! Impressed by this project, I applied. After a long journey I am here now, I have been accepted. Thanks to the people in the sending organization who really support you and help you wherever they can!

I am very excited and very grateful that I was given the opportunity to live somewhere completely different!

* corrected by Dominik