Do you like to show panties

Tips for beautiful photos and posts

So that your photos in the campaign with TENA really knock us off our feet, we show you here how you can really put the TENA Silhouette Washable Underwear in the limelight

Flatlays at the start of the project

Show us the unpacked contents of your package in a so-called flatlay. Simply put your TENA Silhouette Slip wrapped or unpacked on the floor and place beautiful items around it that match the product. The perspective from above completes your work and you show your product from its best side
Let yourself be best of Wasilisa and ajki75 to inspire:

You and your TENA Silhouette washable underwear

It's always nice to have a face for the photo. That's why we would be happy if you take a selfie with your incontinence panties or have your photo taken. You don't want to show your face and would rather stay unrecognized in the pictures? Then use your product to partially cover your face in the photo.

The perfect collage

If you have several connected photos and would like to show them in a collage, there are great apps that can help you with this. Here some examples:

• SquareQuick for Android
• PicCollage for ios

Your creative ideas

There are many other ways to photograph your TENA Silhouette washable underwear in an appealing way. Your creativity is required here. So let your ingenuity run wild and surprise us with beautiful photos

Share your pictures with others

So that your photos can also be seen, use the hashtags #markenjury_tena, #tenasilhouette and #tena. Please also clearly mark your posts and stories as [advertising] and upload your photos to our photo gallery for the project.

Now you are ready to put the TENA Silhouette washable underwear in the limelight. We look forward to your photos! 😃