How can I recycle an old computer

Computer recycling and data security

The question that arises more and more often is: "How do I dispose of my old computer"?
There are various options that are very dependent on the age of the computer.

If your old computer is a device that can still be sold on the second-hand market, you can do so. However, there are dangers lurking here that most users are not aware of.
For example, it is not enough if you simply format your hard drive in order to delete it! There are repeated reports in the press about cases in which the data was restored using data carriers obtained from the recycling and used market. Partly with serious data protection consequences for the former owners.

Also, more and more so-called hobby IT experts, in various recycling exchanges that are not specialized in IT disposal, are trying to restore data from used PCs.

[unprofessional scrap disposal companies damage the environment, dispose of them wildly, try to sell data]

Why you should have your old PC disposed of at Area 51:

We are an experienced IT company and have a department specializing in recycling. The aim of this is to bring the maximum possible share of electronics back into the economic cycle.
Components that can no longer be used are recycled.
The rest is processed again and fed into the economic cycle. Among other things, we support schools and other non-profit institutions with this hardware. This approach helps, protects the environment and also creates jobs.

No nasty surprises - your data is safely destroyed:

We deal with data recovery and data destruction on a daily basis and are experts in software-technical data recovery and destruction.

Every computer returned to us for recycling goes through our standard data destruction process. In this process, all data on the hard disk are irretrievably deleted in a special process. [Our deletion procedure is carried out in accordance with US DoD (Department of Defense) 5220.22-N.]

On request, we also use the following algorithms:

GOST P50739-95

Professional data destruction:

We would be happy to professionally destroy your old data. Our trained employees, who are obliged to comply with the BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act), take care of the process and you will receive a data destruction protocol listing the serial number of your data carrier. So you can be sure that your data won't fall into the wrong hands.

If you decide to sell your old computer yourself, we can erase your data for you - and by erase we mean that it has been erased so well that even we would not be able to restore it ourselves.