Which country is the most sexually permissive?

In these countries you have that
best (and longest!) sex in the world

If you are not necessarily interested in the World Cup, then maybe for this international benchmark: The luxury sex toy manufacturer LELO compared the participating World Cup countries with one another in a comprehensive sex study.

35,000 people between the ages of 21 and 55 were surveyed - the answers provide information about who has been doing it the longest with how many, who is cheating most often, who is most likely to fake an orgasm and much more. Here are the exciting final results!

Most sex partners

55 percent of the respondents from all countries had an average of one to eight sexual partners. The Japanese bring up the rear: half of the population slept with eight or fewer partners. The Swiss are the busiest: 26 percent said they ended up in bed with more than 20 partners. The Greeks also do it colorful: 25 percent had over 20 lovers and in England a quarter of the participants were able to make over 20 lines on the bedpost.

The cheat nations

France is the front runner among foreigners: 75 percent admitted in the survey that they had cheated at least once. The Latin Americans lined up closely behind - in Colombia, Brazil and Chile around half of the population dared to have an affair at one point or another. If your partner is Belgian or Australian, you are in luck: allegedly, people rarely or never cheat here.

Masters in pretending

Have you ever faked an orgasm? If so, you are not alone in this: around half of the participants surveyed have already done it before. Cheating is most common in Latin America; 70 percent of Colombians have already played the climax. Even in Chile and Brazil people groan for no reason. But where are people most honest when it comes to sexual climax? The answer: in Portugal and in Greece.

Preferably in bed

There is usually a sky-high difference between those who consider themselves a true master in bed and those who really promote their partner into other dimensions. Nonetheless, participants were asked whether they consider themselves a cannon in bed. The Greeks, Italians and Brazilians thought the most of themselves. The Dutch are less self-confident: only six percent consider themselves good in bed.

It takes the longest here

On average, foreplay lasts 32.5 minutes - a number that Brazilians reportedly surpass. 34 percent said they would allow themselves at least 46 minutes before it really got down to business. In Japan, 45 percent pamper themselves for an average of 20 minutes. Australia has "won": 10 percent of the population limits their foreplay to a mere ten minutes.

Sex buyers

No, it wasn't about who buys "love" most often, but rather which nations invest most often in sex toys in order to make their love life even more exciting. England is one step ahead here: 94 percent have already bought a sex toy. Four percent also stated that they own over 16 different objects of this type - and are thus on par with the Netherlands. In Chile they are not that keen on sex toys: more than half do not own any.

Satisfied or not?

According to this study, 79 percent of the world's population is happy with their sex life. In England and Greece, more than a quarter said they went around the world completely satisfied, closely followed by the Japanese. In Chile, on the other hand, only 13 percent of people are sexually satisfied.

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