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First steps to healing in the homeopathic anamnesis

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A maxim in the homeopathic anamnesis - everything is as the patient describes it

For the choice of homeopathic remedies, it is extremely important that the practitioner discovers his experience together with the patient. This can only happen if the practitioner does not evaluate what the patient describes. If he does not evaluate and not diagnose the patient's experience, but merely takes in and summarizes it, it can be possible to recognize the patient's pattern of experience.

This pattern runs through all complaints and through the entire experience of a person. For example, if a patient suffers from a severe headache and he describes this pain as a small area where everything contracts, this type of experience can often be found on the psychological level. The patient wants to sum up everything in his life. He withdraws from stress and tension.

The healing in an anamnestic conversation

If this energy pattern is successfully raised, this alone has a healing effect. The patient, who is finally allowed to express how he experiences his pain and how he reacts to stressful situations in his life, experiences a release from inner pressure.

Many people who come into homeopathic treatment have previously visited different doctors and become acquainted with different forms of treatment. Often they have been confronted with evaluations of their experience. At the beginning of the anamnesis, their experience is still overlaid by evaluations and classifications. This sometimes makes it difficult to find out the original experience.

Healing in an anamnestic discussion - discovering the original experience with the patient

This process can be illustrated very well using the example of food preferences. At the beginning of the conversation about food preferences there are usually statements such as “I don't eat so many sweets because I know that's not good” or “I eat a very healthy diet, eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, drink enough water because I know that that's important ”.

If you then ask more closely, you may find out that this patient's secret passion is chocolate or that he used to eat fast food in large quantities and still dreams of it now and then at night. In these cases the actual desire for food is hidden for reasons of reason.

It's not that it's bad to change your eating habits because you're aware that your preferences are unhealthy - that's not what we mean here. But in order to find out the indicated constitutional remedy it is necessary to get to the original food craving.

Similarities to the Rogers interview

Carl Rogers developed client-centered interviewing. He was the first to emphasize the importance of the client's experience. Rogers assumed that any outside interference, no matter how well meant, ultimately pulls the client away from himself and arouses in him shame and guilt for his own experience.

He found that he could help his clients much more effectively by following them into their world of experience and fully respecting it. This principle also applies to the homeopathic anamnesis.

Healing through the homeopathic remedy as a mirror for the soul

The homeopathic remedy works in a very similar way. On a deeper, energetic level, it reflects our soul. If it is possible to derive an energy pattern from the experience pattern, a homeopathic remedy can be found that contains this energy pattern. If this remedy is then prescribed to the patient, he experiences a reflection on a deep level.

We say the remedy is similar to him. This means that it has a similar energetic vibration pattern. A remedy that has a dissimilar vibrational pattern will not relieve the patient of his discomfort. It either does not cause any change or the patient develops new symptoms. Homeopaths then speak of a remedy test.


The original experience of a patient is the most important thing for the choice of homeopathic remedies. If it is possible to discover and accept his experience together with the patient in the homeopathic anamnesis, this alone has a healing effect. The homeopathic remedy, which carries the patient's experience pattern as an energy pattern, offers the patient a reflection of his experience on a deeper, energetic level. The homeopathic anamnesis opens up the patient on this level. This leads to transformation and healing.

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