Elon Musk uses drugs

"Matrix" director on Elon Musk and Ivanka Trump: "Fuck both of you"

Elon Musk is always good for a controversy, but with a recent tweet he has succeeded in something that until recently seemed unthinkable: With a reference to the term "red pill", he annoyed even some of his most loyal fans. After all, it is a term that is often used by misogynists.

In the current situation, Musk is also serving that group of conspiracy theorists who see themselves as the "enlightened" in the midst of a majority blinded by a liberal elite. The fact that Ivanka Trump, daughter of US President Donald, immediately retweeted the message with the information that she had already taken the red pill, also shows well in which circles such a worldview is cultivated.


"Red Pill" is a reference to the science fiction film "Matrix". In a central scene, the protagonist Neo has to choose between reality and a simulated but more convenient simulation. One of the two directors of the film now makes it quite unmistakably clear that she has a problem with the instrumentalization of this scene for such political purposes.

"Fuck both of you", Lilly Wachowski puts it in an answer to Musk and Trump. In a tweet posted below, she calls on her own fans to donate to the Brave Space Alliance, an organization that works for trans and non-conformist people.

"Man's right shit"

But Wachowski is not the only prominent critic of Musk. There were also clear words from the immediate environment of the Space X boss. Sandy Garossino, mother of the musician Grimes and thus Musk's current partner, also reacted quite clearly. In a now-deleted tweet, she raised the question of how someone whose partner has just gotten through a difficult pregnancy can post "man's right shit" on Twitter. (red, May 22nd, 2020)