Do you think siblings can be friends?

Siblings: the best friends we don't choose

Disputes between siblings not only have negative sides: you can also learn and grow from them. Even if there is always an ups and downs in a sibling relationship, you know that your brother or sister is always there when you need them.

Last update: 19th January, 2019

Friends are very important in life, we choose them to spend time with. It's different with siblings. siblings are part of our family, can become our best friends, but we cannot choose them.

The relationship between siblings is usually particularly intense,we share with them an important part of our life.

Other relationships in which there are always arguments or in which we are dissatisfied usually dissolve over time. This is not the case with siblings, even if better and worse moments are perfectly normal.

We can always count on our siblings

siblings know each other particularly well.We didn't choose them, but we shared many years of our lives with them.

This is complicated in any way, but siblings have no choice. This situation means that we have to find solutions, no matter how many problems arise.

In the end everything will always be fine and one person will forgive the other. Arguments and discussions are going throughunconditional love that exists between siblings,to the past.

A love that has developed over the years, in which laughter, crying, games, reflection, doubts, opinions were shared ...

Do you want to discover something very interesting?

Quarrel between siblings doesn't always have to be negative,You can also learn a lot on an emotional level, for example to control yourself or to be flexible in order to put aside all the negative feelings that arise in anger.

What other advantages can a sibling relationship have? You might be surprised by the following facts:

  • Self-esteem improves.
  • The ability to be generous is developed.
  • It may be astonishing, but one becomes more patient.
  • This prevents emotional problems at an early age.
  • There is no feeling of loneliness.

Of course you can develop many of these skills without a sibling, but in a sibling relationship you further develop them.

A sibling relationship is incomparable

Even if you have a very strong friendship with someone,this cannot be compared to a sibling relationship.

You have experienced so much together from an early age, building trust that is very difficult to achieve with other people.

Despite bad (and good) moments, you're together. Everything you promise in a marriage and break if it doesn't work out doesn't usually happen with siblings.

Of course, not all sibling relationships are that positive.There are toxic relationships too,in which siblings do not fit together for various reasons.

This sometimes leads to very bad relationships that result in painful experiences.

But even if egoism or other unpleasant factors sometimes play a role, one of the participants usually gives in and is ready to share. If not, then one of the siblings may have negative feelings.

Usuallyhowever, siblings share life experiencesand form a family.

Even if brothers and sisters eventually go their separate ways, they know that every time they meet, the trust of the past will be there.

Sibling trust

And when something happens and problems arisethen you know that you can count on your brother or sister,that they are ready to help.

When you think of a sibling relationship, imagine a tree. Even when the branches separate from each other, they always share the same root and are always connected to each other.

Accomplishing looks, a language that only brothers and sisters understand, secrets that no one will ever know.

Siblings form an important part in our lives,therefore, we should also value, protect and support them. There is no better and healthier relationship.

A relationship that is truly built on unconditional love.

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