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JVA Rosdorf Höllenknast

The JVA Rosdorf near Göttingen presents itself to the outside world as a modern security level 1 with hotel character enforcement - but that is not the case.

My husband was in custody there for 3 months and came out on an appointment this week and that's a good thing.

Because the Pyschoterror is unbearable, everything takes forever, applications are sometimes not processed or lie around for weeks if you are German.
Everything is done on the part of the prison to break and execute the people there.
My husband sat for 4 weeks in a so-called protective custody cell for prisoners at risk of suicide, which you have to imagine as follows:
8 square meters of white bare walls, a mattress (better insulation mat). No table, no chair, no toilet, no wash basin, no television, no radio, no time. There is a hole in the ground where you can make your urine. There was toilet paper, what a miracle. The light is then on for 24 hours so that the cameras don't miss anything and the prisoner is always clearly visible. 23 hours of inclusion with a book of your choice, how generous you are there.
The free period also takes place in a small cage, one after the other, of course, contact not desired.
My husband had to stay there for 4 weeks, which went to the limit of his nerves, but what should he do and nothing can be done from the outside, everything is blocked.
Then after 4 weeks of admission there were normal cells. Finally even with a helpline for the night, what a service, your own 20 inch Tft TV, the Dolby system 5 to 1 and a radio alarm clock. A kettle is also permitted - what a paradise you think now.
But the terror continues, because you want to keep the prisoners in check. There is a sanction for everything, every little misstep has consequences.
E.g. do not turn off the heating when ventilating, TV off for 3 days; Talking to other prisoners at the window in the free period, a shopping ban and and there you could list so much but that is beyond the scope of this here.
There are no assaults by fellow prisoners in Rosdorf because everyone knows that tough sanctions are behind them, so everyone refrains from doing so.
Even sex offenders have a great life there, which is difficult to understand because it is so abhorrent that what these people have done can hardly be put into words, but in Rosdorf they are protected by the judiciary, much to the annoyance of the officials, but everyone is there hands tied.
My husband never wants to go there again and will now lead a life free from punishment. He knows what imprisonment means and how it affects a person.
We both know that by now and if you are still innocent, just because a senile neighbor tells lies to the nice police and then the investigations run where ultimately nothing can be proven, it is twice as hard for everyone involved, inside and outside.
You are no longer alive, you just exist and you lack the other, more and more every day. The loneliness, the separation is unbearable and when you see your partner breaking up during the visits and you can't help your loved one, it's twice as hard. That's how we both felt. that you never have to go to Rosdorf!
Greetings from the Harz region

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