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India - a country for emigrants?

India is not only an exotic travel destination for emigrants. Because vacationers from all over the world like to plan their vacation on the Indian subcontinent. Anyone who would like to spend their work and life here will also find an up-and-coming economic power. In addition to the markets in Brazil, Russia and China, many experts believe that the country will have converged with the economies of Europe, Japan and the USA in the next 10 years. So it's no wonder that more and more people are thinking about moving the center of their lives to India. But what do you have to consider and how modern is the country today?

Actually, the picture is different. Because India is more of a country of emigration than a classic country of immigration. For example, the country produces a large number of IT specialists who often earn their living as expats in other countries. After all, compared to other countries, you can earn significantly more than in India itself. Because that average income in the IT sector is quite low compared to many European countries.

Nevertheless, labor migration still plays a major role for India. So it is customary to travel to India yourself as an expat first. From a work perspective, however, as a German it would make more sense to go to China. Nevertheless, Germany is India's most important trading partner within the European Union. However, India is not a typical emigration country and in all probability never will be. The cultures and idiosyncrasies between India and Germany are too different. As an exotic travel destination, it works well - with the thought of settling down permanently, it becomes more difficult.

Anyone who is traveling by train in India as a traveler should rely on a few take basic differences. Because what is completely normal on German trains is punishable in India. This not only threatens money, but also jail terms. One example is the ban on playing cards on Indian trains. But these are not the only things that can make life difficult for emigrants. The size of the country alone is impressive. In addition, more than 1.266 billion people live here. The cities and streets are correspondingly full and lively.

In addition, there is ubiquitous corruption. So it is common practice to pay baksheesh, bribes, to speed things up. It also makes it difficult for emigrants the 22 official languages and thus almost as many as there are official languages ‚Äč‚Äčamong the countries of the European Union. In addition, there is an essential factor that strongly influences daily life in every fiber - religion.

But there are also points that speak for the country. In addition to different landscapes and climatic zones, there are also mountains. The climate in general offers around 300 days of sun a year, beautiful beaches, rainforests, a culture that is thousands of years old and mild winters. In addition, the basic attitude of the population is very positive, cheerful and optimistic. This is particularly evident among the poor.

But the cost of living is also lower compared to Germany and other European countries. However, this does not apply to imported goods or housing in metropolitan areas such as Delhi or Mumbai. Here the costs are sometimes extremely high. Only in the provinces is it cheaper to live.

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