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In contrast to many other Caribbean countries, the islands are not heavily exploited by tourism because they do not have any Primary industry are.
Unlike many other Caribbean countries, the islands are not heavily exploited by tourism, as it is not a primary industry.
The Commission refers to the NACE code 27 for the definition, while the data contained in the documents (communication and annex) only cover part of the subsectors (Primary industry and semi-processing).
The Commission refers to NACE code 27 for the definition, while the data in the documents (Communication and Annex) represents only part of the sub-sectors (primary industry and semi-manufactured goods).
For this group, the annual TMS meeting in the USA has so far been the only way to present itself. A total of around 100 suppliers and equipment partners signed up for the Primary industry registered for ALUMINUM.
Previously, the only opportunity this group had to present itself was at the TMS annual meeting in the USA. Altogether about 100 suppliers and equipment partners to the primary aluminum industry have registered for ALUMINUM this year.
The region's economy is driven by the Primary industry particularly in the agricultural and forestry sector, although the economy has begun to diversify with the increasing number of retirement cities and recreational tourism.
The region's economy is dominated by the primary industries of agriculture and forestry, although economic diversification has also occurred with retirement communities and recreational tourism.
The paper mill, with which a key technology was brought to the region, was supposed to move a new one Primary industry and lead to the expansion of the value chain (corrugated board systems, packaging, etc.).
It was expected that the paper production plant, which brought a key technology to the region, would lead to the settlement of a new primary industry and to the extension of the value-added chain (corrugating machines, packaging, etc.).
Apart from the raw material processing Primary industry Other sectors such as construction, paper and printing as well as food production also have high material consumption (i.e. low effective productivity). The division of companies in terms of their size is another specifically Austrian characteristic.
Apart from the primary industries mainly dealing with raw materials, a few specific manufacturing industries such as building, paper and printing, food production turned out to have a tendency of high material consumption and therefore a low resource productivity. The size of enterprise is another distinguishable characteristics.
While traditional agriculture and animal husbandry continue to play a central role in rural areas, in the cities the service sector took over the sector in 2005 Primary industry (Raw material production) obsolete.
While traditional agriculture and animal husbandry continue to lead the area's economy, in 2005 the tertiary sector contributed more than half of its GDP growth, the first time it surpassed the area's primary industry.
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