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ioffer alternatives 2020

Recently, ioffer, a popular online e-commerce, went offline. Some bargain hunters now lack this platform and the calls for an alternative to ioffer are getting louder.

These are the best alternatives to ioffer:

  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • Fairmondo
  • Aliexpress
  • Hood.de
  • Chinabrands
  • Zalando
  • Amazon

Shutdown of ioffer?

An interesting online platform was recently razed and resurrected on March 4th.

We are talking about ioffer. Many, especially fashion-conscious insiders know this as an auction platform, although auction is not exactly the right thing to do.

What made this platform interesting in the first place was that it was actually possible to negotiate a price, similar to a bazaar in Morocco or at a flea market.

With this action between buyer and seller, the company, founded in San Francisco in 2002, seemed to have hit the bull's eye and became increasingly popular.

Icarus on the way to the sun

Unfortunately, popularity isn't everything. Customer service and an eye on the quality of the seller and their goods should go without saying.

More and more counterfeit goods were being advertised, including not only fashion but also drugs. Many consumers began to complain, but the company did nothing. The calls grew louder. The company was targeted by the IACC - International Anti Conterfeit Coalition, which translates as the international anti-counterfeiting coalition.

Under the name of their RogueBlock project, this has specialized in protecting buyers and putting companies that manufacture or sell counterfeit products from other brands at bay.

Now, according to its own statements, ioffer is officially back, but trust has been damaged accordingly. Not to mention that the platform is very difficult or even impossible to find. So it's not all right after all.

That is why we would like you one or the other today ioffer alternative point out!

Ioffer Alternative 2020 - The joyfull 8

Ioffer Alternative No. 1 - Ebay

I realize that you don't have the opportunity to negotiate here, but in terms of structure, this is the most obvious option. For those who are looking for used items at a reasonable price, the oldest rabbit is the best Ioffer alternative.

Ioffer Alternative No. 2 - Etsy

Etsy is a platform for all those who like things unusual and creative.

Whether fashion, household items, children's items, jewelry or tools, the range is wide. Independent salespeople and designers are supported. Taking a look here is worthwhile for anyone looking for the extraordinary.

Ioffer Alternative No. 3 - Fairmondo

In addition to Etsy, Fairmondo is an equally special platform.

Not only the fair idea counts here, but also the fight against corruption.

Those who care about their environment and their fellow human beings will find everything their heart desires in addition to fashion, books and groceries.

Ioffer Alternative No. 4 - Aliexpress

Aliexpress emerged from the Chinese company Alibaba, the Asian counterpart to Amazon.

Here the possibilities are practically limitless and not only fashion and beauty - but also technology - fans get their money's worth here.

Ioffer Alternative No. 5 - Hood.de

Those who not only like to buy, but also sell a lot, have the opportunity to create their own newsletter for their customers here.

In addition, it offers additional security for salespeople, as the portal takes the initiative itself in the event of annoyance with the customer.

If you don't pay your bills here or don't stick to the rules, you may well get banned.

Ioffer Alternative No. 6 - Chinabrands

Whether cheap or exclusive product lines, you can get them here at wholesale prices.

Online shopping is therefore a lot cheaper and the product range is comprehensive.

Perfect for shopaholics!

Ioffer Alternative No. 7 - Zalando

The well-known company has been a hit for many years and interest does not seem to be waning now. Those who do not like to try new things and prefer to stick with the well-known are in good hands here.

Ioffer Alternative No. 8 - Amazon

Last but not least, the online retail veteran bad.

No matter what you are looking for, it will be delivered quickly and easily.

If you don't like what you receive, you can send it back in most cases without any complications.

Despite the often controversial company policy, it is still the first point of contact for many.

Conclusion: ioffer alternatives

As you can see, there is an awful lot ioffer Alternative 2020.

Some of them are known, the others a little less.

Now it just depends on what you are into and whether you are ready to learn something new!

If you guys one or the other ioffer Alternative 2020 we hope you enjoy browsing!