Why do limits work

Set limits on screen time on their children's devices

Learn how to set screen time limits on your child or family member's Xbox and Windows devices. Check how much time they have left for the day, give them more time, or decide that the time is up. You can set limits through family.microsoft.com or the Family Safety app.

Set Limits on family.microsoft.com

To set screen time limits for your child on Xbox and Windows 10 devices:

1. Go to your family group and sign in with your Microsoft account.

2. Find the name of your child or family member, and select Screen time out.

3. Set a schedule for the devices, collectively or individually.

  • To use the same schedule for all devices, activate Use one schedule for all devices.

  • To manage individual schedules, scroll down to Xbox One and Windows 10 and turn them on individually A or Out.

4. Select a schedule for each day, how much time your child has available each day and when they can use the device. The default is Maximum planned turned on, which means it can use the device for the entire time range you specify.

5. If you are editing your schedule selections, choose Add and then to save out.

Set limits in the Family Safety app

1. Tap a family member that you want to set screen time limits for.

2. Tap the on-screen time card, or tap Set limits

3. Set limits on when and on which days you want your child or family member to have Screen Time on Xbox or Windows 10 devices.

Note:Screen time limits are only set when a device is connected. Learn more about connecting devices to Family Safety.

4. If you want to set common limits for Windows and Xbox, select Use one schedule for all devices

Tip:If you set 4 hours of shared screen time for Xbox and Windows using One Schedule, it means your child or family member can choose how they use their four hours. For example, it can spend 1 hour on Xbox and 3 hours on its Windows computer.

Note:Your child should log out if they are not actively using the console. Screen time only expires during the time a child is logged in.

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